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njdevils901 t1_ja4n9gk wrote

I am starting to think people are posting bad posts on purpose, it does annoy me though how almost every post is terrible garbage, or it is just another "le hidden gem" post that is usually Event Horizon or Moon. You'd think a giant sub like this could maybe get interesting post, but goddamn. Also, how many times can we get a "what's a movie you like but everyone hates?" post because jeezus christ it happens every 12 hours


mailboxfacehugs t1_ja4s1u3 wrote

My guess was people are having ChatGPT write posts for them, using the most downvoted posts as input


NoHandBananaNo t1_ja56tb3 wrote

How DO you input into Chat GPT?

I was being lazy so I asked it to write an editorial for me, thinking it would be cool if I credited it to Chat GPT. But it wrote a manifesto on the staffing changes it wanted to see at the mag I was writing for.

It wasnt wrong per se but I will never get invited back if I use what it wrote. How do you get it to control tone and be more chill?


charleyismyhero t1_ja5cenm wrote

That’s weird. I can’t get ChatGPT to generate anything but peaches and roses on any topic.


NoHandBananaNo t1_ja5hxek wrote

Really? Peaches and roses is more what I had in mind but it went on a rant.


SaltySweetManDicks t1_ja5o121 wrote

It is about time for another post about the under appreciated comedic gem known as Tropic Thunder...

Or would you possibly settle for an appreciation post about John Carpenter's The Thing?