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mailboxfacehugs t1_ja4s1u3 wrote

My guess was people are having ChatGPT write posts for them, using the most downvoted posts as input


NoHandBananaNo t1_ja56tb3 wrote

How DO you input into Chat GPT?

I was being lazy so I asked it to write an editorial for me, thinking it would be cool if I credited it to Chat GPT. But it wrote a manifesto on the staffing changes it wanted to see at the mag I was writing for.

It wasnt wrong per se but I will never get invited back if I use what it wrote. How do you get it to control tone and be more chill?


charleyismyhero t1_ja5cenm wrote

That’s weird. I can’t get ChatGPT to generate anything but peaches and roses on any topic.


NoHandBananaNo t1_ja5hxek wrote

Really? Peaches and roses is more what I had in mind but it went on a rant.