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[deleted] OP t1_jac2xbg wrote



ziegfriedsmom t1_jac4j0o wrote

What character do you identify with the most or feel is the most flawed?


AllenWoody34 t1_jac5h4p wrote

My take on the film is that there is no villain here, but it's due to all the minute intricate emotions that we, as human, sometimes forget to address.


CH23 t1_jac371m wrote

Not seen it yet, but i feel like your post title might be a spoiler?


ziegfriedsmom t1_jac4lmh wrote

Not a spoiler is you haven’t seen it but I wouldn’t recommend reading the above! It’s a complex movie, I recommend!


CH23 t1_jac6rp5 wrote

I didn't read it, because I do plan to see it


Diamon-Dus280 t1_jac5en5 wrote

I thought this movie is about shitty fathers. Charlie left his wife and Daughter to be with another man, that right there is a bastard move, and that man's father was also what lead him to suicide. 2 stupid father we got there right off the bat.


ziegfriedsmom t1_jac5jed wrote

Bastard move FOR SURE. But do you think that means he left Ellie or just his wife?


Diamon-Dus280 t1_jac6il4 wrote

What? He left both of them for a gay lover, you know no kid would want a broken family and Charlie the selfless dick didn't even think about that, to fix himself up for his daughter's sake. Her daughter is supposed to be the most important person in his life, but he only hid himself like a coward and didn't even reached for her.


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ziegfriedsmom t1_jac4r34 wrote

Just my opinion on the most flawed. The term monster derived from Ellie’s mother calling her evil. Also her behavior was wild. But let’s discuss it!


Leigh_Voff t1_jac5m3u wrote

Charlie is the asshole in the movie. Deliberately dying on his daughter in the last scene; fuck him, selfish prick