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What are the best movies or shows with scene where the protagonist dies dramatically (or comes close to death) but then rises from the dead?

I'm looking for the best portrayal of something like that, that would have the dramatic dying of Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (so the protagonist actually loses everything and it actually comes close to actual dying) and the epic revival that will come close to resemble biblical jesus

Picture that comes to mind: Harry Potter (doesn't have the dying that I'm talking about but revival is almost on point) - although it seemed rush and they screwed up with revealing to viewers and to harry that he will be okay. It would be better pacing if they showed

  • how awfully scared he is to die
  • he is killed
  • he "comes to life" at the moment when they revealed it in the movie to voldemort (so we are as shocked as he is)
  • he killes voldemort
  • then we got the scene with dumbledore and how he managed to rise from the dead.


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shaka_sulu t1_ja9jmpw wrote

Black Panther come to mind

Not 1 movie but if you combine Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock. Athough Vulcans don't show emotions that was a messed up way to die. The carbon copy of this is Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Abyss has what you're looking for.


garrisontweed t1_ja9msdf wrote

Flatliners (1990) The Ending when they’re trying to revive ,Nelson(Kiefer Sutherland).Nelson dies ,but gets forgiveness from the boy he stoned to death and his brought back to life. He wakes up and whispers,”"It wasn't such a good day to die.” Which goes back to the opening scene, when he proudly says,”Today is a good day to die.”


aresef t1_ja9ikce wrote

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Everything Everywhere All At Once


Digital_Cactus OP t1_ja9j895 wrote

Everything everywhere all at once is really good but not that sad. It is more movingly sad. Probably have to rewatch :)


aresef t1_ja9kbhn wrote

She projectile vomits and falls over dead, then the credits roll for a bit before you realize she’s in the Wong Kar-wai verse. And it’s this sequence of events leading to the rock scene and round 2 against Juju Chewbacca.


FloridaFlamingoGirl t1_ja9jcbf wrote

A great cartoon example of this is the Haunted House episode of Samurai Jack. Jack is "killed" and taken to the spirit realm where he faces off against a demon. He must defeat the demon in battle in order to win his life back. He does this successfully, and frees an entire haunted house from a dark curse in the process.


Digital_Cactus OP t1_ja9k06d wrote

Thanks, will check it out. You also reminded me of the episode of Adventure time where Finn comes close to dying but Jake snappes out of his nirvana state and saves him. Kinda teared up


kickbox-junkie t1_ja9wg6n wrote

Lord of the Rings, I loved Gandalf too much for him to be dead 🥲