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I just finished this movie, and I had a hard time understanding all of its high praise.

It did use beautiful camera work to showcase the locale. I enjoyed the way they captured the gorgeous landscapes.

… but that was kind of it. I think I chuckled twice during the whole movie, and found the plots to be incredibly “thin”. Perhaps that was the point? The characters felt totally unbelievable and flat. The whole movie felt like it was trapped in a bubble, requiring substantial suspension of disbelief.

Did you watch it? Did you find it to be a 96/100 movie?



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Hooterdear t1_ja3b21t wrote

Ya found it a little feckin dull, didjya?


Many-Outside-7594 t1_ja3c07m wrote

The movie isn't about what it's literally about.

It's an allegory for the Irish Civil War broadly, and more about how absurdly these kinds of conflicts start.

It's a heightened reality, just like McDonough other films.

Even allowing for all that, I don't see how the characters are unbelievable.

I've had friends that I eventually realized were holding me back and cut them loose.

It's a bit harder to do on a small secluded island with one pub, so the resentment and anger on both sides just keeps building until it boils over.

That each character's actions and reactions are irrational and emotional is the point.


blucthulhu t1_ja3o509 wrote

>It's an allegory for the Irish Civil War broadly, and more about how absurdly these kinds of conflicts start.

It's so weird to me that some people don't see this. You'd think the setting and time would make it rather obvious.


NoHandBananaNo t1_ja5feg6 wrote

And if those didnt, the occasional sound of gunfire from the mainland kind of hammers it home...


OfferOk8555 t1_ja3ew1q wrote

Really well put. I wouldn’t call the plot “thin”. I think direct is a better word. Utilitarian. Not too many moving parts because they aren’t needed to tell the intended story.

McDonough was a playwright at first and I feel like a lot of his movies operate in this way, with self contained distorted version of the world and human behavior.


njdevils901 t1_ja38xh8 wrote

I found to be sort of like an old fable, I loved it.


Astolfo_Please t1_ja384iy wrote

Minus the finger chopping, what required suspension of disbelief?


NoDisintegrationz t1_ja38xj8 wrote

Even then, it’s a movie. I don’t have any problem using substantial suspension of disbelief to watch it. It’s not like it’s trying to be a realistic historical drama. The title even sounds like a fable.


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja39exp wrote

All the individuals behaving like they do. For me the behavior of almost all the people in the movie is uncomprehensible, unlike McDormands other movies, where you could relate somehow with the characters


Astolfo_Please t1_ja3ke7u wrote

Huh, that’s interesting. Personally, I saw myself in all the main cast and how I’ve dealt with loneliness differently throughout my life


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja49qq0 wrote

For me it was too metaphorical and over the top to be relateable. Worked better for me in Brugges and Three Billboards, where I could actually feel the pain of loss, grief and what other emotions of the characters.


jamesneysmith t1_ja4rgbm wrote

You couldn't feel the absolute heartbreak in Colin Farrells performance? He's best actor of the year for me. He played his devastation with so much believability I wanted to cry anytime he was on screen.


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja4xhkz wrote

I mean his performance was good. I just did not really care for the character he was playing


autoposting_system t1_ja3i5yw wrote

This should tell you something else is going on


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja49vnj wrote

And what's that comment supposed to mean?


autoposting_system t1_ja4b4te wrote

I meant it literally


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja4xrs1 wrote

I don't see how your reply makes any sense


autoposting_system t1_ja5bm9p wrote

In the story, if something doesn't make any sense but it's in a well-made movie, it probably does make sense and you just have to think about it more


Xiao_Bo16 t1_ja5k0f3 wrote

Maybe my comment makes sense, because it's a well written comment. It probably makes sense and you just have to think about it a little bit more.


cosmoboy t1_ja3e835 wrote

I really liked it. I didn't expect the characters to act completely normal. It's a war allegory about a conflict that doesn't always make sense.


Throwaway_Codex t1_ja5oqd0 wrote

Why is this movie so difficult for people to comprehend? Do people not understand metaphor? I guess this is why Avatar: The Way of Water is the #3 all-time movie and Banshees has made $10 million.


philhealthcaremuth t1_ja4s868 wrote

It’s not my type of humor, and I’m sad enough already. I appreciate the tone of the movie. It was effective in making me feel emotions. These aren’t emotions that I enjoy feeling, though.

I think it’s a great movie that I respect a lot. The fact that I didn’t enjoy the experience says more about me than it does the film itself. I’m sorry to my fellow Irish people.


TummyScar t1_ja3c1xl wrote

Similar experience for me. It was fine, but not worth the hype it was getting IMO.


Select_Action_6065 t1_ja3bb4d wrote

The fifth rewatch is when it gets really rewarding.

Nine fingers is the epitome of mental.

But It’s not for everyone.


Calligrapher_Antique t1_ja5hx5v wrote

Didn't see banshees but I found 3 Billboards wildly overrated too.


Fukshit47 t1_ja6iwte wrote

Second most overrated movie of the year, after Dune.


CelestialAnger t1_ja6k9tf wrote

Those movies did not come out in the same year lol


Fukshit47 t1_ja6khp1 wrote

Good point. Both overrated would be the takeaway but here’s a thumbs up for your astute observation.


Dear-Ninja-6400 t1_ja3tdij wrote

Thanks. I've been waiting to watch it hoping to hear good things. But I haven't


jamesneysmith t1_ja4rmuu wrote

Hoping to hear good things from where? The movie has gotten almost universal praise? Or are you referring to the people in your real life?


Dear-Ninja-6400 t1_ja4tdwy wrote

In general I have heard next to nothing about this film. Except penguin is in it.