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WhereIsThatElephant t1_j9q5qzj wrote

are people paid to post here about CB every single day, sometimes multiple times?


MediocreFlex t1_j9qbork wrote

Yes it’s astroturf everything

Nothing is real on the main subs It’s all bought propoganda

It’s why you see some fucking incel pushing a dumbshit elon musk reinvention of a train every day


RitoRvolto OP t1_j9qrb19 wrote

I wish. if you see anyone from Universal please tell them I enjoyed their movie and would like to get paid.


ringobob t1_j9qwf7q wrote

You are obviously younger than the 90s. This movie is crafted in a lab to get people talking about it, no bullshit influencers needed.


Hascus t1_j9rlsi5 wrote

Tbh most likely yes considering how hard they’re pushing it