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Vulkan192 t1_j9pa5ez wrote

Interesting wardrobe choices on the right there.

Can’t wait to see this movie, even if it’s terrible. Maybe especially if it’s terrible.


ex0thermist t1_j9pceex wrote

Better safe than sorry. She would've been so embarrassed if it turned out to be a black tie event and she had forgotten to leave her titties out.


Zoomalude t1_j9pojd6 wrote

When you invite your friends to a festival and most of them asked what type festival but two of them just assumed "music festival".


RedshiftOnPandy t1_j9piv5w wrote

I'm hoping it's surprisingly fun to watch like Violent Night was


AlanMorlock t1_j9pqg8d wrote

This is the right attitude. I feel like people have kind of forgotten what comedies are.


RedshiftOnPandy t1_j9pxrta wrote

Yeah I'm not expecting a beautifully written story with top notch character development. I'm just hoping for clever dialogue and unexpected jokes for a fun watch, which is what I got from violent night


ringobob t1_j9qw3u9 wrote

I expect silly and shocking to fuck violently and be ashamed the morning after.


orangutanoz t1_j9rh1wh wrote

I’m still okay with my decision to take my son to see Snakes On A Plane in the theatre. Samuel L Jackson even called me personally about it.


lynypixie t1_j9rxmd2 wrote

I miss late 90s/early 2000 cinema. The era of « just basic fun » movies. You can’t joke at anything today, and you need a quota of every minority out there. It’s like a checklist.

There is a reason why there are so many remakes and unoriginal stuff. Studios want safe.


Cavemattt t1_j9pn2cg wrote

Violent night was the worst movie I have ever had the displeasure of watching


TheNerevar89 t1_j9pzy1o wrote

You must watch some outstanding fucking movies and literally nothing else. That or you are the least fun person at a party


Cavemattt t1_j9q3k3i wrote

What was good about it? Not the acting or dialogue or story. Thats for sure. What was good about it? The stuff that referenced other movies


rizgutgak t1_j9qqlb2 wrote

No one can say you don't know adversity


Zoomalude t1_j9po0yl wrote

Early buzz is it is as fun as it looks. 🤞


ringobob t1_j9qvm9u wrote

My daughter (freshman in HS) is seeing it with her friends this weekend. I might see if I can tag along, sit somewhere else in the theater. Hell, I might do that and just not tell her.


Fastlanedrivr t1_j9r3kk7 wrote

Isn’t it rated R so you should do that anyway? Am I missing something?


ringobob t1_j9r5eq5 wrote

I've seen the trailers, I remember the movies I was watching at that age, I've gone looking for any information about the content of this movie to make sure I'm not missing anything, and we've shown our kids select R rated movies before now (Matrix, , etc), I feel pretty comfortable with letting her go on her own.

Maybe that's a mistake, but I'm comfortable with that, too, I don't expect my decision making to be perfect, but I've done my best.


Fastlanedrivr t1_j9rfkyw wrote

I’m not against ppl under 18 seeing R movies I just meant logistically, the theater should be enforcing that rule. Didn’t meant to insult or imply anything, apologize if it came off that way. I saw plenty of R rated movies before I was 18 as well I’m sure it’s appropriate it’s not an overly violent movie from the looks of it.


ringobob t1_j9ri4h5 wrote

I think they have an adult lined up, I spoke with my daughter about it after making the comment and she asked if I'd be willing to be the adult, so I'm not sure the previous plan is solid. I said yes so long as the other parents are on board, so I may wind up being the adult in the room, we'll see.


AlanMorlock t1_j9qao37 wrote

"In the beginning, the Cocaine Bear posts were spaced by twenty four weeks. Then twelve, then six, then every two weeks. The last one, about Ray Liotta , was yesterday. By tomorrow we could be seeing a Cocaine Bear post every hour until they are coming every four minutes. Marshal, we should witness a double event within a day."


Selectgf t1_j9sg8t0 wrote

I already tired of this joke.


AlanMorlock t1_j9sokox wrote

I don't see a lot of Pacific Rim copy pasta but I'll take your word for it.


sax87ton t1_j9pcev5 wrote

I already tired of this joke and I haven’t even seen the movie.


AngstyManatee t1_j9ph46k wrote

At first I thought it looked funny but the incessant ads are making me want to bash my head in


ringobob t1_j9qyyo2 wrote

I guess. It feels pretty tame compared to the advertising a couple decades ago, but I'm not watching cable anymore.


duaneap t1_j9psu9j wrote

Isn’t it so outrageous?!?!? Look! It’s a bear! On drugs!


sax87ton t1_j9pv189 wrote

They keep acting like it’s some genius concept and not a meme that’s been floating around since 2009.


duaneap t1_j9q0svr wrote

The appeal seems from the marketing to be “Look how crazy this concept is! What a kooky title! Who could come up with that!”

And the answer is an 11 year old.


MovieTalkersHunter t1_j9rh7pz wrote

The appeal is watching an animal go crazy and kill people in gruesome, over the top ways. Why is this seemingly so hard to grasp for some people?


BluRayHooray t1_j9so5nc wrote

Because movies are serious and if it’s any less somber than EO it’s not for some on this sub.


NotatallRacist t1_j9q2agd wrote

But it’s based on a true story


nolo_me t1_j9q47dx wrote

The real bear died of a massive overdose within minutes.


ChE_ t1_j9qe0u2 wrote

I dont think anyone knows the timeline. They found the bear after it ODd. No one was there.


nolo_me t1_j9qr60a wrote

You don't have to be there at the time. The LD50 of cocaine (the amount necessary to be a lethal dose for 50% of test subjects) is 96mg per kg of bodyweight. The bear weighed 79kg and was found to have eaten 34kg of cocaine.


Brasscogs t1_j9pil8l wrote

Gives me huge Disaster Movie vibes. Definitely gonna pass.


MovieTalkersHunter t1_j9rhcwp wrote

How does this give you Disaster Movie vibes? This doesn't look like high art, but it at least looks like a movie, unlike Disaster Movie.


Brasscogs t1_j9tjmzj wrote

It’s a gimmick movie who’s entire premise revolves around one goofy idea.


Knife2MeetYouToo t1_j9qd8hp wrote

With Banks directing I wonder what she will blame the failure on this time.

Re-use the same excuses or come up with something new?


WhereIsThatElephant t1_j9q5qzj wrote

are people paid to post here about CB every single day, sometimes multiple times?


MediocreFlex t1_j9qbork wrote

Yes it’s astroturf everything

Nothing is real on the main subs It’s all bought propoganda

It’s why you see some fucking incel pushing a dumbshit elon musk reinvention of a train every day


RitoRvolto OP t1_j9qrb19 wrote

I wish. if you see anyone from Universal please tell them I enjoyed their movie and would like to get paid.


ringobob t1_j9qwf7q wrote

You are obviously younger than the 90s. This movie is crafted in a lab to get people talking about it, no bullshit influencers needed.


Hascus t1_j9rlsi5 wrote

Tbh most likely yes considering how hard they’re pushing it


Cocreat t1_j9p9bs3 wrote

On a scale of 1-10, how much like Snakes in a Plane is this?


Hen-stepper t1_j9ps6bo wrote

I’d give it 5.5 snakes. And 2 bags of popcorn.


Menny_Okega t1_j9qbxqe wrote

This one's a Five bagger for me. And I'd throw in a little bag of cocain as well.


RitoRvolto OP t1_j9pa84d wrote

Haven't seen Snakes on a Plane unfortunately.

Did see Cocaine Bear yesterday though, would pay to watch it again right now. Very funny.


MartinScorsese t1_j9pdl4u wrote

Counterpoint: I also saw Cocaine Bear yesterday, and I'd pay to have those 95 minutes of my life back.


Stefan_Harper t1_j9q2em4 wrote

You may not be the target audience


MartinScorsese t1_j9q6fr6 wrote

How so?


Stefan_Harper t1_j9q6o05 wrote

Your username makes me think you might be... um, "not into this type of movie"


MartinScorsese t1_j9q77eb wrote

Yes, my username is what it is, but I also love a good gross-out comedy. Jackass Forever was one of my favorite films last year :)


zappy487 t1_j9q7mh5 wrote

Fuck. I keep forgetting to watch that.


ringobob t1_j9qxp1u wrote

I mean, somewhat by definition, though I suppose it remains to be seen if it finds its audience and it's broad enough to believe it's the intended one.


robobobo91 t1_j9qg8ll wrote

I saw a review from someone who basically says that this movie is what Snakes on a Plane wishes it was.


NewPCBuilder2019 t1_j9qkfos wrote

If nothing else it gets bonus points for the reasonable runtime. I'm tired of these damn popcorn movies (especially looking at you, MCU) being like 16 hours long.


lynypixie t1_j9rxsox wrote

Told my family at dinner tonight that this was an obvious new snake on a plane.


ADistractingBox t1_j9pw7d1 wrote

I'm going to see this because it's stupid.


von_sip t1_j9pwptt wrote

Pretty sure that’s the whole idea


Sodernaut t1_j9q6rtk wrote

What do you mean. I for one are expecting high art.


GetToSreppin t1_j9qbzsq wrote

This idea that something stupid or something genre related can't be art is something I deeply disagree with. This movie will still have a story at its core. It will have themes and characters and potentially even social or political commentary. Whether or not those elements of the film are successful are subjective of course, but to me those elements and the attempt are worthy of critical consideration.


ringobob t1_j9r0tu4 wrote

Art isn't about technical components or medium or genre or anything else like that. Art is about emotion. If it makes you react, and feel something, it's art. It needs some abstract element, something that is intended to be interpreted that has no functional goal separate from you the observer, but so long as it has that, and it makes you feel something, it's art.

If it's universally reviled, and that wasn't the intention, you could call it "bad art". But art nonetheless.

That said, "high art" is a little different. At minimum, it requires a high degree of abstraction. Lots of room for, and an ability to instigate, interpretation.


Linubidix t1_j9rizd0 wrote

It's not as stupid as it ought to be.

It somehow doesn't have the follow through or gusto to be a proper trashy B-movie. Plus as an 80s pastiche/homage it's pretty weak.


skbr71 t1_j9prwpr wrote

It’s giving “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.” 100% here for it.


no0neiv t1_j9rxzsz wrote

I've never been so overexposed to a movie's ad campaign/promo before...I get it, this self-consciously "wacky" movie exists. I don't care. Am I alone in this sentiment?


the_buckman_bandit t1_j9q236h wrote

This one is definitely a watch at home


Chaotic-Genes t1_j9slad2 wrote

Nope, was waay better watching with an audience reaction switching from the fullscreen gruesome horror to quick-turned laughs.


kylebb t1_j9rhjoq wrote

Just saw this movie and it was insane I really liked it, they really went for it.


Aerowolf1994 t1_j9qguxu wrote

"You know what I used to have for breakfast? Cocaine. Know what I had for lunch? Cocaine"


Thendofreason t1_j9r0823 wrote

On my way to go see it now. Wish I could see it high, but I gotta drive.


fergi20020 t1_j9quamf wrote

Is Betty White in this?


sclsmdsntwrk t1_j9svxi9 wrote

Is that a pornstar on the right? Wtf is she wearing?


RedTheDopeKing t1_j9ptrxu wrote

My favorite thing about this movie is you don’t have to watch it, the entire plot and setting is in the title, and you don’t need to know more! Power to people if they enjoy it but I’m not down to waste time on these “dumb” types of movies anymore.


duskywindows t1_j9q0h7k wrote



jcisneros405 t1_j9q7pkq wrote

Seriously so many of the people in the comments section here thinking they're coming off as sassy and witty when in actuality they're just coming off incredibly miserable and whiny little girls. Like, I don't have a single interest in Avatar or Fast and Furious 12 or whatever but you don't see me wasting my breath acting like I'm on some imaginary higher level than moviegoers who enjoy those films.


Kuuskat_ t1_j9sm3i0 wrote

no but i'm cool because i don't like dumb movies😎 look at me 😎😎😎


RedTheDopeKing t1_j9q9qy6 wrote

No but you wasted your breath ranting about some asshole strangers opinion so


duskywindows t1_j9qfazg wrote

Actually they could've been holding their breath the whole time they typed that. YoU dOnT kNoW.


Linubidix t1_j9rj3ro wrote

As clichéd as it is, all the best bits are in the trailer. And if those are the best bits, that's a good indication of what rhe rest of it is like.


ringobob t1_j9r3hk1 wrote

If you've never enjoyed a "dumb" movie then you and I wouldn't be friends. That's no judgement on you, at least from me. Just saying, I'm sure you've found your people and I've found mine, but they probably aren't the same people, and this movie looks exactly like the kind of dumb time waster I'm interested in.


qawsedrf12 t1_j9pvfvx wrote

the next Snakes on a Plane ?


DreadpirateBG t1_j9qoamb wrote

I hope it does well I will watch if it comes to Netflix or Amazon prime. Maybe even pay for the rental. Looks to be fun.


sullenosity t1_j9tdbar wrote

The Cocaine Bear bots are out in storm


themew2 t1_j9pqgoo wrote

Can't wait for future movies (think Back to the Future) to reference Cocaine Bear with a comment of "Bear still looks fake".


duaneap t1_j9pswz9 wrote

You’re anticipating it being a lot more impactful than I.


Djinnwrath t1_j9pwjbz wrote

If this movies doesn't win an Oscar for something I'm burning the whole academy down.


sweglrd143 t1_j9po6xa wrote

Literally who gives a f about this movie?


healbous t1_j9rxhbq wrote

You.... You do realize what sub you're in, right????


getoffredditandstudy t1_j9sj0jm wrote

It’s a movies sub so he can give his opinion on movies...


healbous t1_j9skasp wrote

Do you go around to NFL subs and wonder who gives a fuck about football?

The answer is people in a movies sub give a fuck about movies.


getoffredditandstudy t1_j9slasu wrote

Every movie? So you’re not allowed to talk shit about other nfl teams, or express you don’t give a shit about a movie cuz it’s a movie sub? Get some sun


WiNTeRzZz47 t1_j9sypyu wrote

Just that month... Some movie like this is like fashion shop bag, after 3 month they are gone. Some precious like lotr starwar interstellar will stay forever.


Kuuskat_ t1_j9sm7wc wrote

>Do you go around to NFL subs and wonder who gives a fuck about football?

OP os not asking who gives a fuck about movies, but rather who gives a fuck about a particular movie.