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misterfriend t1_jaa9nzb wrote

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I'm 48, and I remember when going to the movies didn't promise anything other than a bit of fun, and that was what I was in for. Otherwise, what I gained from them was a sense of structure, ideas that opened up my own imagination and on the odd occasion, a bit of education. Even a screwball comedy like Porky's is dumb fun, even if it's offensive and sometimes lame.

TV and gaming has virtually replaced cinema as entertainment, though I'll argue that cinema is superior because one can take years to produce a really good movie. The quality shows through when done right.

I prefer episodic tidbits on TV, which is also done away with, but making a comeback in the better shows. The Last of Us seems to be getting this right. By "episodic," I mean that there might be one overarcing plot, but you can distinguish one episode from the other because of events that happen and the characters that get focus. Very dialogue-heavy, and the motivations would be made clear through this method. You used to know Star Trek episodes by their name.

I mean, I could go on forever on the topic, and give you my top 100, but it looks like others are pouring it on. If you ever are looking for a specific subgenre film, or have a favourite, come and talk to me. I can always steer you towards more material of similar substance.


hideandsink OP t1_jaac3mt wrote

I do understand that some movies are just for a bit of fun. But it still takes the other qualities to build it and make it good. So many now just lack on all fronts.

I feel as though it does just play to ADHD well for me. The shorter watch time is one of them. And I enjoy familiarity, but that’s something I’m actively trying to combat. (I get waaay too comfortable in my comfort shows).

Ah, yes. I’m with you. I think that’s why I enjoyed Black Mirror so much. I still need to watch The Last of Us.

I’d really appreciate that! Thank you so much, Mister Friend


misterfriend t1_jaafh97 wrote

Yeah, all I meant by that comment was that the fun seems to have been taken out of it from some time, like they've somehow forgotten to include that aspect in movie making. Even dramas can have some element of ridiculousness, as Goodfellas and Casino do. Cartoonish, but vivid characters and events are what I pay money for. "Story" feels more like "content" to me without it.


hideandsink OP t1_jaago3g wrote

Sometimes ridiculous is good! It makes it more relatable because life isn’t serious 100% of the time. I’m with you on that!