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FistingLube t1_j9oyrqh wrote

I feel he always gives the role 110%, kind of like Tom Cruise you know you are going into a movie with a vibrant strong actor. Almost more like theatre where you expect a 'performance'.


NoPossibility t1_j9qjxsa wrote

I agree, but he doesn’t really feel like a different character often times to me. He’s always just Decaprio playing X. He doesn’t melt into a role the way other serious actors like Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman do, for me at least. I’d put him more on the A-List movie star tier where you go see a movie because you like that actor, not because you expect a great new interesting performance out of him. He’s good but he’s not very different role to role in my mind.


UgatzStugots t1_j9t2tfg wrote

Just because he doesn't gain/lose 50 lbs or puts on a weird voice, doesn't mean that he plays the same character.