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Curious-Tangelo-4480 t1_j92izsu wrote

Ed wood didn't even hide it, neither did Rodger corman they relished their small budgets and made it their trademark.


njdevils901 OP t1_j92kcj8 wrote

I mean Corman's movies still had great matte paintings and miniatures to create a sense of scale that they couldn't accomplish on such a low budget. Hell even look at the Fantastic Four 1994 movie, it's cheap, but it does the best job possible at trying to make a superhero movie on a $1 million budget. In fact, the Thing costume looks better in that than in the adaptations afterward haha


Curious-Tangelo-4480 t1_j92kjta wrote

Yeah but then Corman also did death race 2000. Lol.


njdevils901 OP t1_j92kwi9 wrote

That's true, I've never seen it so I can't say much. I will give him a ton of credit for The Trip (1967), the hallucination sequences in that are wonderful for something that cost so little. There's a reason so many filmmakers who worked under him became bigger names afterward, a fantastic teacher. A lot of what Cameron did on The Terminator seems to be a lot of what Corman probably taught him


Curious-Tangelo-4480 t1_j92lils wrote

Yes Corman and woods were masters of their craft. Ever see plan 9 from outer space? Woods shot that for under a thousand dollars.