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WhereIsThatElephant t1_j92slg0 wrote

  • Monsters (2010) - original budget of $1.5k. Nobody except two leads knew they were in a movie. Special effects edited by the same guy who shot it, in the course of 2 years.
  • Cosmos (2019) - original budget of $0. Shot with the borrowed equipment and savvy fellows who knew a thing or two about radioastronomy,
  • Reservoir Dogs - original budget of $15k. You shoot it with a bunch of actor friends in an empty mini-warehouse.

Here's some ideas from the past.


guywoodhouse68 t1_j93lkhn wrote

Reservoir Dogs was certainly not 15k


WH1SKEYHANGOVER t1_j94bwf9 wrote

It probably started at 15k. I think the budget went up when keitel signed on


LoanedWolf666 t1_j94nz8p wrote

1.2 million was the budget for Reservoir Dogs.


WH1SKEYHANGOVER t1_j95i96u wrote

Didnt have a budget for costumes either. Told everyone to wear a black suit to the set. Tarantino was saying on howard stern that weinstein (yes that one) wanted him to cut the torture scene as well


Zachwy t1_j94k4ky wrote

Which makes the budget of the film more than 15k


SimpleDan11 t1_j94abm3 wrote

Monsters was Gareth Edward's. Who went on to Direct Godzilla and Rogue One.