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Everything about this movie just works. The screenplay is flawless. This script should be taught in all film schools. It flows through the three acts seamlessly and the dialogue is so sharp and funny throughout. The special effects for the time travel scenes are weirdly well done for a 40 year old movie and the key to the entire movie are Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox. They make this entire movie. I think Eric Stoltz is a good actor, but I can't see anyone pulling off this role with that kind of charisma as Michael J Fox had in the 80s. Also the movie handles really adult stuff for a kids movie like Lea Thompson's character wanting to rebel and they play with the fact she's wanting to mate with her son and they handle those scenes really well. Also as an adult you realize there's a lot of dark shit in the movie like when you realize Biff on multiple occasions tried to sexually assault Lea Thompson's character.



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