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Just Go With It (2011) with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, is one of those movies made by the comedian that I do enjoy watching despite how absurd it is. It's one of those movies I laugh at for how bad it is.

The whole movie focuses on a guy (Danny) who cons girls by faking he's trapped in an unhappy marriage to sway them into having pity sex with him, but when he meets "the girl of his dreams" (Palmer) he has to keep up with an array of lies that he's divorcing his "wife" (Katherine "Devlin") when he doesn't reveal he's "married" after discovering his ring.

Not only is the plot bizarre, but it's the fact Palmer believes every lie that's said to her no matter how unnatural and illogical it sounds. She is never skeptical or suspicious about anything!!! It's like she was written to be the definition of a "dumb blonde"



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