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doc_55lk t1_jef8v2u wrote

Ah yes, our obligatory daily contrarian. I was wondering where you were.


charleyismyhero t1_jefc00w wrote

We are only allowed one a day, OP, and you used it up on Barb Wire.


Thundahcaxzd OP t1_jefdttm wrote

oh shit sorry for trying to discuss movies on the movies sub, my bad


charleyismyhero t1_jefhrz8 wrote

Don’t sweat it. Everybody falls for it at first.


Thundahcaxzd OP t1_jefi389 wrote

shit, is it too late to change the title of my post to, "Requiem for a Dream is a good movie but difficult watch"


charleyismyhero t1_jefj336 wrote

You just need a time out to think about what you’ve done, and after that you can come back and tell us all about how Apocalypse Now is underrated.