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Pigs-OnThe-Wing t1_je6jefe wrote

I honestly think it just comes down to a lack of telling good, consolidated stories. They've prioritized massive world-building over character-building and its a problem.

I don't discount fatigue as a factor, but im always going to stand by the notion that good writing will always shine through. The reality is we've just been getting subpar material.


ABunchOfPictures OP t1_je6jrto wrote

You did a good way of writing out what I was trying to say in the end there, the fact that they developed like 3 new “areas” being the microverse Atlantis and wherever the eternals were created

All without having any of these people talk or bring up the fact that any of these crazy things are happenings around them is crazy!


Pigs-OnThe-Wing t1_je6p6cw wrote

Yea. I think Antman was the worst offender for me.

It literally ripped away all the uniqueness of the first 2 films. The 2nd movie wasn't even that good of a movie, but it still had a ton of redeeming properties you can identify. The same ones that made the original funny and entertaining in the first place.

But Quantumania ripped all that away for quick jab attempts at comedy that does absolutely nothing for the characters. There's only 2 good scenes in that movie (the probability thing and the ending fist fight scene) but they fall completely flat because none of it is earned or built up to. Its called Antman and the Wasp and we never get meaningful interaction between the 2 except in those scenes.

Didn't mean to rant about Quantumania, but i genuinely had hope for it (no pun intended) and it ended up being the worst offender yet.


icfcogxgco t1_je6k2si wrote

Comics have very rarely ever translated to film well. As a comic reader I can tell you 95% of what I read is no where near good enough for a movie. Only an exceptionally good story translated exceptionally well with an exceptional director and writer who knows what to cut and change for the big screen can pull it off. It's why only a handful of superhero movies ever are any good.

Bad films do well. Good movies do poorly so box office I think it's a far less reasonable thing to try to understand.


justsomeguy7147 t1_je6ktgu wrote

I think superhero movies peaked with The Winter Soldier because they were concentrating more on a good story rather than just explosions and CGI. They built up so many long arcs that ended with Endgame and they’re struggling to start new arcs now because the original MCU characters were just too good. It’s hard to get invested with the heroes in the new movies because they’re too concentrated on milking cash than starting a new long arc that will last over several movies and team-up movies. It’s sad but I don’t think it’ll come back at this point. Not even going to mention the dumpster fire that is the DC universe. I loved The Batman though and hope they continue with that theme.


ABunchOfPictures OP t1_je6lhi3 wrote

I think the winter soldier was just the planets aligned well for all the talent attached to it. The Ruso bros did a very good job managing all the characters and then did it again at endgame.


Fre3Monk t1_je6lghv wrote

For the MCU side of things, I think we were so spoilt with the Infinity Saga for the most part and the conclusion of that whole franchise, that nothing will ever come close. It was like lightening in a bottle.

What also hasn’t helped is the over saturation of mediocre MCU spinoff we’ve had. Loki being the only one that in my opinion was great and hopefully season 2 follows on with that quality.

I’m looking forward to Guardians 3, but past that for the MCU? Nothing much for me to look forward too.

There’s still a lot of good Superhero stuff out there though that gets me excited going forward outside of the MCU.

The Boys and Invincible on Amazon Prime Video are fantastic, and I’m looking forward to the next seasons of those (especially Invincible).

It’ll be interesting to see what James Gunn does with the DC universe, and despite the controversy, The Flash movie looks pretty good.


FlavoredTaters t1_je6ixpl wrote

Marvel's phase one was good, ending with Endgame. Since then they've stopped focusing on good writing and are just cash grabbing in my opinion. And DC is like Marvel's retarded little brother trying to play catch up so if those movies were bad in phase 1, they're definitely not going to get better now. I think its oversaturation


Chen_Geller t1_je6k8s3 wrote

  1. Too many of them



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ABunchOfPictures OP t1_je6j19a wrote

I don’t think it’s the movies because there’s still only 3-4 mcu movies coming out annually. It’s the tv shows that sent it into the “sickening” category for me.