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thejist t1_jeco6sd wrote

have you watched Twin Peaks yet? the first season was amazing!


MagicMajed123 OP t1_jecodr7 wrote

unfortunately have not but i do plan on it!


The_Meemeli t1_jeduobt wrote

Don't stop at Season 2. It was some weak parts, but it ends strong, and the movie + Season 3 are a return to form.


InterPunct t1_jecov7i wrote

Yeah, stop at Season 2.


PureImplosion t1_jee82lp wrote

Absolutely not, Season 3 is one of the best things Lynch ever created.


ethanwnelson t1_jeelgkv wrote

Imo it’s Lynch’s magnum opus and the culmination of everything he’s done


PureImplosion t1_jeem0yt wrote

Agree, that and Mulholland Drive are his two masterpieces.


ethanwnelson t1_jeemqbr wrote

Totally agree. Mulholland Dr is his best film for sure. Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m a sucker for Naomi Watts


BWRyan75 t1_jecqs6d wrote

But there were some episodes of Season 3 that were incredible?


Nitroburner3000 t1_ject5ie wrote

> But there were some episodes of Season 3 that were incredible?

Are you asking?


BWRyan75 t1_jectl2y wrote

No, I guess my point is, while maybe Season 3 didn’t exactly satisfy every Twin Peaks desire I had, if you skip it entirely you’d miss out on a few truly awesome episodes of television.


thejist t1_jecw5qr wrote

i tried, but i couldn’t finish season 2 or 3. more than once, different drugs…. nope