Submitted by Express_Giraffe_7902 t3_120n01u in movies

I’m not looking for comedies today - dystopian future/sci-fi preferred…

I can’t handle any gore - I’m the one that checks parent guides before watching movies - and I’m 33 and childless 🤣🤣

Looking for a movie like Shutter Island or the Sixth Sense where you don’t really see what’s coming - or like Donnie Darko or the Matrix where it really makes you think/question things

I’m looking to have a movie make me think/blow my mind - any suggestions? :)

I’ve got Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max - all the main players!



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Tupperwaretooth t1_jdjr14h wrote

The ending (and beginning) of A Serious Man will give you a lot to think about. Not sci fi but it leans towards surrealism.


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdjuzku wrote

Ohhhh I just watched the trailer and that looks right up my alley - I hadn’t heard of this one before, but I love Raising Arizona (looked like same director maybe?) - adding this one to my watch list! Thanks!! :)


Next-Mobile-9632 t1_jdi9tpl wrote

The Quiet Earth(1985)


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdia9lk wrote

I’ll check it out!! I watched the Day After from the 80s about a month ago - made for TV movie, but really quite good - and had some folks you might recognize!! It was also filmed on KU campus and my sister went there, so it was cool for me to see stuff I recognized


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdib2c3 wrote

Oh ya - this one seems right on the marker - I’m finishing up the Matrix and then watching this one (as long as Tubi is on Roku haha)

Thanks for the suggestion!!


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdl1p6s wrote

I watched this after the Matrix as planned - haha - one thing - I’m surprised by the amount of male genitalia 🤣🤣 and in an 80s movie?! I giggled - I’m a 13-year-old haha…

But really great flick and definitely what I was looking for! Thanks again :)


epa_89 t1_jdieyx1 wrote

I have more but I fear the list will become to long and tiring to read if I add more. It's probably too long already.

The Outfit (2022)

The Invisible Guest (2016)

Primal Fear (1996)

The Dry (2020)

Calibre (2018)

Presumed Innocent (1990)

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009, Argentina)

The Parallax View (1974)

The Conversation (1974)

Trance (2014)

Backtrack (2015)

Side Effects (2013)

Night Moves (1975)


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdj16gt wrote

Presumed Innocent is EXCELLENT - I haven’t seen or heard of most of the rest of these, so thanks for a list of new mind twisters!! This will keep me going for a while haha


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdl1enn wrote

I ended up watching Presumed Innocent because I couldn’t remember “who done it” - how do I not remember that every time?! Such a good movie - thanks for the reminder


epa_89 t1_jdlrans wrote

Nothing wrong with re-watching movies you find great. 🙂 Especially if you don't remember everything about it.

The most recent one I recall that I did not remember basically anything of except that I remembered thinking it was great the first time I watched it was Trance. Of the plot I remembered James McAvoy's character steals a painting.

Watched it many years ago and again recently and yeah, it was as great as I remembered thinking it was.


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdmajmq wrote

Haha ya - with Presumed Innocent - I ALWAYS remember it as >!Harrison Ford did it and I’m then always shocked that it’s his wife!!!< every time. without fail. kinda cracks me up 🤣🤣


mediasnob1234 t1_jdj80qp wrote

It may be unpopular to say so, but The Village is one of my favorite movies with a twist. I just think the performances are so great, and despite what other people may say regarding it, I think it is a good film.


LEXX911 t1_jdiqv2p wrote

The Prestige
Ex Machina
Old Boy
The Mist


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdj1kuz wrote

Arrival - Prestige - and Interstellar are some of my faves!! Seen them multiple times … I want to say Ex Machina and The Mist are kinda gross aren’t they? Lots of blood/guts? So those I probably can’t handle, but I’ll have to check out the others!

Thanks for the suggestions :)


irkybirky t1_jdjpv7f wrote

The Time Trap (2017)


Express_Giraffe_7902 OP t1_jdjubys wrote

Ohhh I just Googled it and I know I’ve watched it - but I don’t remember it, so time for a re-watch!!


irkybirky t1_jdjx1lc wrote

I've watched it twice. The concept was so cool. Sci fi is my fav genre


Different_Beach_4590 t1_jdjr1od wrote


Source Code

Well known movies so maybe those aren't knew to you and I wouldn't call the endings a mindf*ck - I would call them good sci-fi movies with good endings so I hope that's enough for you because that's all I can think of right now


Walker1940 t1_jdkll4q wrote

2047: Virtual Revolution. (2016)


LauraPalmersMom430 t1_jdlc6vc wrote

Aniara (Highly recommend not watching the trailer or reading the description)


qman3333 t1_jdlif7e wrote

Killing of a sacred deer

Ex machina


Sorry to bother you

Infinity pool (that one is pretty gory)

The possessor (by Brandon Cronenberg) (also pretty gory)

A lot of other good ones but realizing I’m starting to think of more fucked up ones


qman3333 t1_jdli8z4 wrote

Imma be honest your missing out on a lot of the good ones not doing well with gore