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Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd10mvw wrote

Who’s Gaspar Noe?


gunter_grass t1_jd10r58 wrote


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd10zz5 wrote

He made some so-so movies I feel this will be a box office bomb


gunter_grass t1_jd1153o wrote

Never heard anyone refer to him as so so.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd11hlp wrote

Gaspar Noe films are the type where which either love them or you hate them. Same with Lars Von Trier


gunter_grass t1_jd11piu wrote

I love and hate them at the same time. I agree with you. Dancer In The Dark is my favorite movie.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd12bq8 wrote

Haven’t seen that one. I’m torn on Lars just as much as Gaspar. Just like I think irreversible is an amazing movie, but I will never watch it again. Once was enough.


gunter_grass t1_jd12hts wrote

I've watched all of their work several times. Dancer in the dark is one of those amazing movies that is just amazing. Simply amazing.