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Squirrel_Master82 t1_jd1ed9f wrote

I don't enjoy musicals. And I think the Disney movie's target audience is kids. But I've enjoyed a couple live action remakes of other animated shows/movies/games/books that were more geared toward adult audiences. I think I'm in the minority though. Because they usually get canceled pretty quickly. For instance, I thought the Cowboy Beebop show had potential and was already better than the animated episodes that I could make it through (watched the first season or so and thought it was pretty bad and corny, never went back to it). I liked the new lord of the rings show, that everyone shits on. And I didn't think the Halo show was too terrible. I liked the first season of The Last of Us. But I wish they wouldn't have stuck to the game content so closely and given us some new content instead. Apparently, most people want the remakes to be exact copies of the original. But I find that approach to be pretty pointless. Like, if I wanted that, I'd just revisit the source material. I want to see some new works that are inspired by the originals. Not a photo-copy.


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd1i1fa wrote

Indeed. This is almost like originality is dead in movies, tv and in some cases video games. Where is the freaking creativity in media these days