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I’ve seen the Little Mermaid and I realize that even thought the live action may have one or similarities to the original, I don’t think it will capture the feeling and beauty of the original, like the songs, animation etc. I believe, in my opinion, that the live action version will be so bad that many people would rather watch the original than this, it’s the same with Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and I will not be surprised if Disney makes a live action of Pocahontas. Live action doesn’t make the original look good it makes it more organic and I hate it.



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Technical_Drawing838 t1_jd22e5h wrote

I still wish Sofia Coppola had been allowed to make The Little Mermaid. Her version would've been achingly beautiful, both visually and storywise.

The underwater scenes would've been so bright and colorful. It would've been like a combination of how she used color in Marie Antoinette and Somewhere. It would've been amazingly beautiful.

I'm sure Rob Marshall will do a good job. But I would've rather seen Sofia Coppola's The Little Mermaid. I think she would've been better suited to it.


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd3c82k wrote

Sophia Coppola who is she?


Technical_Drawing838 t1_jd5lipb wrote

She directed The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere, The Bling Ring, The Beguiled and On the Rocks.

She's one of my favorite directors. Her first three movies- The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette- are three of my favorite movies. I don't like her next four- Somewhere, The Bling Ring, The Beguiled and On the Rocks- nearly as much but they're still good.

She's currently working on Priscilla about Elvis and Priscilla's relationship. I'm looking forward to it and I'm hoping it's as good as her first three movies.


gunter_grass t1_jd107dp wrote

Honestly I can't wait for the adult spin off of you know what I'm getting at.

Yes, The little Mermaid direct by Gaspar Noe.


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd10mvw wrote

Who’s Gaspar Noe?


gunter_grass t1_jd10r58 wrote


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd10zz5 wrote

He made some so-so movies I feel this will be a box office bomb


gunter_grass t1_jd1153o wrote

Never heard anyone refer to him as so so.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd11hlp wrote

Gaspar Noe films are the type where which either love them or you hate them. Same with Lars Von Trier


gunter_grass t1_jd11piu wrote

I love and hate them at the same time. I agree with you. Dancer In The Dark is my favorite movie.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd12bq8 wrote

Haven’t seen that one. I’m torn on Lars just as much as Gaspar. Just like I think irreversible is an amazing movie, but I will never watch it again. Once was enough.


gunter_grass t1_jd12hts wrote

I've watched all of their work several times. Dancer in the dark is one of those amazing movies that is just amazing. Simply amazing.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd10g8c wrote

Yet they keep making more, because people who saw the originals want to see them for nostalgia and a lot of them have kids now so the kids themselves who may or may not have seen the originals will enjoy the live action ones more if not just as much.


HeartsPlayer721 t1_jd20ht5 wrote

We are a ridiculously nostalgic generation.

I blame the Toys-R-Us ads: 'I don't wanna grow up...'


Dragonborn83196 t1_jd2bp1v wrote

I mean it’s fun to have the nostalgia glands tingled every once in a while but you’re right it probably does have a huge influence on it


timoromina t1_jd14tlc wrote

I haven’t seen the Little Mermaid yet (the live action one) but one of the things I noticed watching the trailer is that the underwater world felt kind of dark and empty compared to the original, which is more realistic obviously, but the animated original just felt so alive and bright and the live action one just looked so… to put it mildly… not that.


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd155na wrote

Indeed I think the trailer is like their expectations dark and unknown


broolprop3 t1_jd11dnu wrote

Pocahontas has a lot controversy due to it being historically inaccurate so I don’t think Disney will touch it again


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd11hsc wrote

Like Song of the South it will create a riot among children and fans and movie goers so I will stay away from it like the plague


Darth_Nevets t1_jd1pcfy wrote

It also is a notorious bomb that ended the Renaissance. If Pan, Stitch, and Pinocchio aren't getting theatrical this ain't getting made.


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Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd12eeo wrote

Agree how much of the generation watch the movie compared to the original will be their guess


Squirrel_Master82 t1_jd1ed9f wrote

I don't enjoy musicals. And I think the Disney movie's target audience is kids. But I've enjoyed a couple live action remakes of other animated shows/movies/games/books that were more geared toward adult audiences. I think I'm in the minority though. Because they usually get canceled pretty quickly. For instance, I thought the Cowboy Beebop show had potential and was already better than the animated episodes that I could make it through (watched the first season or so and thought it was pretty bad and corny, never went back to it). I liked the new lord of the rings show, that everyone shits on. And I didn't think the Halo show was too terrible. I liked the first season of The Last of Us. But I wish they wouldn't have stuck to the game content so closely and given us some new content instead. Apparently, most people want the remakes to be exact copies of the original. But I find that approach to be pretty pointless. Like, if I wanted that, I'd just revisit the source material. I want to see some new works that are inspired by the originals. Not a photo-copy.


Mhakey_1997 OP t1_jd1i1fa wrote

Indeed. This is almost like originality is dead in movies, tv and in some cases video games. Where is the freaking creativity in media these days