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AliceTheMagicQueen OP t1_je114jf wrote

Paramount Pictures is developing the action thriller Bella with Scream VI actress Samara Weaving set to star in the Larysa Kondracki directed title.  

Craig Flores is producing via Bread & Circuses Entertainment and Chad Stahelski is producing through his 87Eleven. Jason Spitz and Alex Young are executive producing via 87Eleven.

Jesse Wigutow is writing based on Jason Markarian’s script. 

Set against the backdrop of an unprecedented crime wave that gripped New York City in the 80’s, Bella is a hyper-stylized action thriller about a cop’s daughter who, after her father clings to life following an assassination attempt, goes on a rampage to unearth her father’s assassin and weed out deep-rooted corruption in the New York City Police Department.

Flores tells Deadline, “Bella cleverly reinvents the female-lead action genre pairing a sexy and unapologetic rock n’ roll edge with the gritty heightened realism of 80’s New York City. Collaborating with Chad Stahelski and 87Eleven whose talent is singular in bringing unparalleled action films to worldwide audiences is a dream for me, Larysa, and Samara.”

Flores’ credits include the profitable Paramount genre pic, Crawl, which made $92M WW against a $14M budget. He was an EP on Warner Bros.’ near $800M-grossing WW 300 franchise as well as a Co-EP on the near $227M WW grossing Immortals.

87Eleven had a record franchise-global opening hit in Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 4 this past weekend which debuted to $137.5M. The movie in the U.S./Canada made an estimated $5.7M on Monday raising its domestic running total to $79.5M. The John Wick franchise around the world counts over $732M currently through four movies.

Weaving currently stars in the $139M-plus global grossing Scream VI and can be seen in Searchlight’s upcoming Chevalier on April 21. She also headlined Paramount’s Oscar nominated Babylon, played Scarlett in Snake Eyes, starred in Bill & Ted Face the Music and broke out stateside in the Searchlight pre-pandemic horror hit, Ready or Not.

Kondracki has directed episodes on such notable TV series as Better Call Saul, The Americans, The Fix, Power and Power Book IV: Force. Her feature directorial debut was the Rachel Weisz crime drama The Whistleblower.


ROBtimusPrime1995 t1_je14j2p wrote

>Chad Stahelski is producing through his 87Eleven studio (the company behind John Wick)

Say no more, fam.


Bisexual_Apricorn t1_je179tf wrote

I was already on board when i saw Weavings name in the title, but reading Chad was involved means I'm going to have to try to drag some friends to see this one.


Bisexual_Apricorn t1_je16ip1 wrote

>Bella cleverly reinvents the female-lead action genre pairing a sexy and unapologetic rock n’ roll edge with the gritty heightened realism of 80’s New York City

I've seen almost exactly the same words used to describe Atomic Blonde - though they didn't mention New York City, of course.

I'm not trying to poopoo this film, after 6cream I'm really interested in Samara Weaving getting more roles and will see this one when I can, that just feels like a weird way to describe the film.

Also, unrelated, the mention of 300's revenue shocked me so i had to look it up. The second one made $337.6 million! For the longterm meme value and continued presence of the first film, i'm kind of surprised the second made so much money when it didn't seem to have much of a 'cultural impact', as critics say.


tormunds_beard t1_je1dzkt wrote

I've wanted to see more of her since Ready or Not. She was fantastic in that film.


Chuck710Taylor t1_je1j3se wrote

She's in Guns Akimbo which I can recommend. She's also in Mayhem.


cthd33 t1_je1mqoq wrote

She was also in Babylon. The one that didn't fight a snake.


StrLord_Who t1_je3wtdr wrote

I thought that movie was only okay but the ending scene when the sun rises is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a movie. It was worth the watch just for that. I agree that she did a great job with her part.


funandgamesThrow t1_je199w7 wrote

Same producer as atomic blonde and atomic blonde was good so not much of a worry to me


SerDickpuncher t1_je28vnn wrote

>Bella cleverly reinvents the female-lead action genre pairing a sexy and unapologetic rock n’ roll edge with the gritty heightened realism of 80’s New York City >

Sounds more like a gender flipped Maniac Cop to me, plus Weaving kinda already did notes of this as her Slayer-loving character in Mayhem


GatoradeNipples t1_je37n0r wrote

Mayhem absolutely fucking ruled and I'm glad I'm not the only person who watched it.


Singer211 t1_je1pmi8 wrote

Samara Weaving in an action film. Yes please!


Videowulff t1_je24xas wrote

Samara is starring so I am seeing. I love her. She is just such a badass


longbrownjohnson t1_je1vgac wrote

Samara Weaving in a stylized action produced by Chad Stahelski? Sta-hell yes.


DirectConsequence12 t1_je1xhbz wrote

Samara Weaving in an action movie with involvement from Chad Stahelski? Yes please


T-408 t1_je32w3t wrote

I’m so here for this


the69boywholived69 t1_je3ysyq wrote

I've been a fan of Samara for over 5 years now. Really excited.


UKnowDaTruth t1_je4r8z7 wrote

Can’t wait to see that

Love all her movies


[deleted] t1_je36lss wrote

Oh look, another show set in the 80’s.


Peazo t1_je4frtt wrote

Would much rather see Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Watched her in Kate and thought she was great in that action movie.