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rainysharp t1_je3d8bm wrote

I guess they don’t want the Palme d’Or to lose significance now that the Oscars are willing to recognize international films


IntraspaceAlien t1_je414t7 wrote

Yeah I don’t get it. Even if they continue to include non-American films, the type of movie that does well at Cannes is usually very different from the Oscars.


BarryEganPDL t1_je3fjor wrote

On one hand, I understand this idea. It kind of devalues other countries awards. Something like Shoplifters being Best Picture in Japan’s top awards still gets considered as less than because it wasn’t Oscars Best Picture. (Just creating an example here)

But I think the Oscars should be openly what it is— an American take on the best films. So if a movie like Roma or Parasite had that kind of impact in America, it should have that same impact on the American awards. It shouldn’t be considered as a fully international awards ceremony because it isn’t.


[deleted] t1_je3l6a3 wrote

I actually agree.

In the sense that I think it's silly to think those very few times a foreign film wins it were the only times a movie made overseas was supposedly better that specific year. Not every great foreign film will get an American theatrical run or get noticed enough to be championed by critics come award season.


Getupkid1284 t1_je3d0on wrote

What a dumb thing yo say. I'm glad they aren't in charge of the oscars.


Spiritual-Signal4999 t1_je5j3eb wrote

Why it’s the oscars, you would think the head of a film festival, would want everyone in film to get, a chance at recognition and praise for a job well done.

I presume he’s going to only allow french films,a chance of best picture award at canne.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_je3tc4x wrote

What an asshole! I guess he doesn’t want his image of xenophobic Americans to be ruined..


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testingtor t1_je3def3 wrote

You do realize EEAAO is an american movie right?


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TheRealClose t1_je3kl5g wrote

You should definitely check out the other nominees. I’ve seen all of them except for Elvis and really liked them all.


Creamorscream t1_je3dllq wrote

Why the hell did Jamie Lee Curtis win?


Interwebzking t1_je3euwq wrote

Career achievement award most likely.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_je3gck8 wrote

The problem with these types awards is the Actor gets them for the "wrong" role and then proceeds to just replaying that type of character.


Interwebzking t1_je3gjqt wrote

Yeah it happens, I think in Jamie Lee’s case she’s in her late 60s, she can do whatever at this point.


frezcone t1_je3d4cv wrote

Lmao this is a bad take


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frezcone t1_je3dl5v wrote

If EEAAO didn’t win it would’ve gone to Banshees or All Quiet on The Western Front. The Fabelmans was a fine movie. But it doesn’t advance the art form in any way the way the other films did


testingtor t1_je3dlw1 wrote

> Did you even watch Fabelmans?

Jesus. People can have different opinions even if they saw the movie.