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Recently I got to watch the film Uncut Gems. I was on the fence at fist because it's supposed to deal with gambling addiction and I thought that was going to be the focus of the whole movie. Fortunately, it turned out to be a really great movie. Yes Adam Sandler's character does have gambling addiction problems, believing he can handicap basketball games and you don't find out until near the end of the film that the reason he owes his brother in law $100,000 was to buy a rare opal. I also liked the speech he gave to his client/basketball player he admires, when he's questioned about his ethics of what he paid vs what it's worth and how he flips it on him asking if he'd rather win by 1 or by 30 points making him see that it's no different. It's a really deep movie.



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mickeyflinn t1_je61hz9 wrote

That movie was so intense and is so excellent.


BolognaPwny t1_je6853b wrote

It’s got my anxiety bout to take off just thinking about it.


cpuphry t1_je60dsh wrote

the movie gave me so much anxiety basically the whole way through, even worse than horror stuff and i hate horror movies cause they stress me out


Krytoa t1_je60si1 wrote

one long panic attack


koogums t1_je6n65j wrote

Saw this and Mother! in the same week. I love them both. But god damn are they a bit much.


_Alvin_Row_ t1_je63bab wrote

Yeah that was one that when I left the theater I immediately had to go get a beer because my heart was still racing.


purplewhiteblack t1_je6ni6w wrote

horror movies nah, this movie! Of course it does follow the characters constantly making bad decisions and people die.

It's the horror of character flaw.


MemoriesOfShrek t1_je6b7be wrote

If you liked it you will love Good Time, also made by the Safdies!


top-shop-tyrant t1_je6tk6r wrote

One of the most grimy & disgusting movies I've ever seen. Not in a violent/gory way, just the overall atmosphere and the shit the main character does to get out of certain situations. Fucking gross. I love this movie and I can't recommend it enough


wraith-mayhem t1_je62nhr wrote

I loved it! And especially, I don't like most of Sandlers movies, but he was cast perfectly here!


Spankywzl t1_je6rc32 wrote

Uncut Gems reminded me so much of Bad Lieutenant, and I had the same panicky feeling of anxiety watching both films.


PM_UR_TAHDIG t1_je6tqh7 wrote

While the sports gambling isn’t the real point of the film it should definitely not be ignored with how gambling has been seeping into mainstream sports media. It has only gotten easier to be a degenerate gambler since the year the movie has taken place.


[deleted] t1_je6ymzo wrote

Is this really a recommendation when you give a major spoiler in the post?


[deleted] t1_je9753c wrote

I preferred this movie when it was originally made in 1992 under the title Bad Lieutenant starring Harvey Keitel


Bonzai-Xenith t1_je6v0h8 wrote

The film gave me the same feeling I just got reading your post.

Maybe try some punctuation and paragraphs.


fierceindependence23 t1_je75kx3 wrote

Here we go with every other post saying, "It gave me so much anxiety!" or "It was so anxiety inducing!" or some variation using the word "anxiety."

It was a shit movie, filled with non stop everyone yelling over each other so much you couldn't understand a goddamn word. When Christopher Nolan makes a film and you can't understand the dialog, its non stop criticism...but in this film when you can't understand the dialog, its "art" or "a great film" or whatever. The concept and story was fine, but the execution was horrible, and there was nothing spectacular about the acting either.

I can only thing I can gather that the reason so many people like it, is because they grew up in homes with non stop yelling and arguing, and as adults, this film reminds them of that "anxiety inducing" childhood and as people do, look back on their childhoods filled with fear and anxiety and intensity with fondness, even when it wasn't so great. Comments like this and this prove the point.


Dogbuysvan t1_je7618g wrote

DNF I got bored about halfway through nothing ever happened.


fierceindependence23 t1_je776tz wrote

Yeah, its really not a story driven plot; it's more about experiencing the emotional makeup of the main character for a few hours.

A lot of character driven independent films are like this--not a lot of plot, but all about "a day in the life of" only they do it well.