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I think hotels are fascinating places and I am always interested in the functioning of hotels when I get to visit them. Are there any movies which show the running of hotels or movies where hotels are the main setting and the action revolves around them?

I have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel and it is one of my all time favorites. Would like to see more of hotel (not motel please) based movies.



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grantnel2002 t1_jeag6ey wrote

The Shining 🙂


CYCO4 t1_jeb1uzh wrote

Dr Sleep, Hotel Rowanda, Psycho, The towering Inferno,.


OneGoodRib t1_jebrovd wrote

Call me crazy but I think the Bates Motel in Psycho might be a motel, which OP doesn't want to hear about for some reason.


Kolob619 t1_jeags8a wrote

Four Rooms


ZeroFuxGiven t1_jeb20p9 wrote

Yes! So glad to see this so high up. I feel like this is a lesser known film and i recommend it all the time


fjdosovjfns t1_jeahxn2 wrote



[deleted] t1_jeax4gf wrote

I totally forgot about that movie, I saw it in theaters when it came out and loved it


THPS12Cap t1_jedm8qz wrote

You obviously don't follow my Letterboxd profile


marxslenins t1_jeaj16y wrote

Hotel Rwanda has that cool, laid-back, adventurous vibe you're after, my dude.


blitzbom t1_jeahhvk wrote

Hotel Mumbai.

Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Transylvania

I supposed Home Alone 2 could count.


mips95 t1_jeb0ik4 wrote

How has no one said “Lost in Translation” yet? I really want to go to Tokyo JUST to stay at that Hyatt. I get real cozy vibes from the big windows, the views, the pool, the lounge, the gym, etc. One of the greatest hotel movies imo


crowningglory43 t1_jeaimwz wrote

Identity starring John Cusack was really good...


Wooow675 t1_jeex51r wrote

I just posted this myself, first thing that came to mind. I enjoyed that movie


OfferOk8555 t1_jeakuwj wrote

Ok ok I know I know, and I’ma let you finish, but Bottle Rocket is the greatest motel movie of all time


TheTurtleShepard t1_jeag8q4 wrote

The Shining


Agravatdg t1_jear3e4 wrote

Looks like it takes place all over the place but really a lot of it is at a hotel.


The_Meemeli t1_jeb1bmc wrote

>Looks like it takes place all over the place

...based on what?


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_jeb5vet wrote

95% of The Shining is set at a hotel though though in mostly used fake sets just like your favorite hotel movie did:


OneGoodRib t1_jebrbtv wrote

Wow you're telling me that a movie that was set somewhere used a set to film on???


The_Meemeli t1_jeehorg wrote

Yeah, but it still looks like it takes place mostly in a hotel. The other comment implied that a significant amount of the film looks like it's taking place somewhere else, or there's a trailer or description that makes it seem that way.


Wooow675 t1_jeextyc wrote

He watched the shining trailer where it’s recut to be a family comedy and it’s all the happy outside times from the first 10 mins.

>🎶Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city light … My heart going "Boom-boom-boom"🎶

>#”This summer, don’t miss… Shining”

>🎶”Son", he said “Grab your things, I've come to take you home"🎶


AaronWYL t1_jeamzog wrote

"The Shining," "The Lobster," "Key Largo," "Grand Hotel," "Barton Fink," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"


DrManhattan_DDM t1_jeahy2i wrote

HBO has an awesome show called Room 104. It’s an anthology of a wide variety of different stories and characters that all take place at different times in one specific motel room.


Loud_Language_287 t1_jeaig6u wrote

the grand budapest hotel


bigjonny13 t1_jeaylkt wrote

OP literally says he's seen it and that it's one of his all time favourites in his post


Kolob619 t1_jeb1vp8 wrote

Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Wooow675 t1_jeey6jh wrote

Oooooooh! This escaped me bc I was thinking that’s like a resort but Mila Kunis says “hotel” like 50 times


Kolob619 t1_jef1r5z wrote

A resort is a hotel.


Wooow675 t1_jef33g7 wrote

But not all hotels are resorts, got it; I’ll figure out this brainthinking eventually


JackRagz t1_jeaizu3 wrote

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


ACESandElGHTS t1_jeakfeb wrote

Million Dollar Hotel

Fun 90s arthouse throwback.


Theamazing-rando t1_jeb4fip wrote

I forgot this film even existed, but I can now distinctly recall the cardboard DVD case on the copy I had for it.


h234hgh t1_jean56p wrote

Titanic! Albeit it kinda floated.. only once though 😅


ZacPensol t1_jeaoawr wrote

'The Innkeepers' is a rarely discussed one that I kind of like. It's a horror/thriller movie but also funny/quirky in a strange way that I find really compelling, about two young people working the desk of an old hotel that's about a week away from closing. Unfortunately I think it fumbles the ball at the end, but the ride to get there is enjoyable.


MK-911 t1_jealf9i wrote

John Wick Chapter 3. There’s about 15 minutes or so that takes place in the Continental hotel.


royal_10_N-bombs t1_jeb05z1 wrote

Twin Peaks

Not a movie but the hotel plays a major role in the series


HOGCC t1_jeagnxy wrote

Hotel Transylvania


amexes t1_jealbfh wrote

No Country For Old Men has a smattering of excellent hotel/motel scenes.


ilovelucygal t1_jeam0tj wrote

  • 1408 (2008)
  • Hotel Mumbai (2017)
  • Hotel Rwanda (2007)
  • California Suite (1978)
  • Touch of Evil (1958), sort of
  • Hotel New Hampshire (1984)

suffaluffapussycat t1_jeap7uv wrote

I feel like Wes Anderson has made a career of riffing on The Hotel New Hampshire.

Also, watch Igby Goes Down. Great little movie by Burr Steers.


Outside_Rock_4925 t1_jeb5h1q wrote

I love Rory Culkin in that, then he got better in Succession .


LoverOfForms t1_jeb7hub wrote

You're thinking of Kieran Culkin, my dude.

Rory Culkin is his younger brother (who is also awesome). Rory Culkin is in stuff like Lords of Chaos (about the early Norwegian black metal scene), Electrick Children (with my personal favorite actor, Julia Garner), Scream 4, Mean Creek, You Can Count on Me, and Signs.


Gary_Vigoda t1_jebnfo0 wrote

The Hotel New Hampshire

For Love or Money


OpeningDealer1413 t1_jebsn4w wrote

Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch. Ludicrously cool movie


Iv_0 t1_jeart29 wrote

Grand Budapest Hotel xD


chesterharry t1_jeashys wrote

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Hotel Rwanda


Spell_Known t1_jeaudhn wrote

Hotel Paradiso. Rik Mayall and Ade Edmunson run the world's worst hotel.


Theamazing-rando t1_jeb4rhw wrote

Not a film but a mini series: The night manager.

Great cast and well worth watching


Theamazing-rando t1_jeb5psf wrote

Also, Guest House Paradiso, depending on your humour ofc 🤣


kosmikmonki t1_jeb70ko wrote

Insignificance - Nicholas Roeg, 1985.


res30stupid t1_jebrgrk wrote

Murder At The Gallop.

An adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel After The Funeral, Miss Marple ends up stumbling upon a mystery while out collecting for charity when she witnesses a man drop dead right in front of her. When she overhears the dead man's sister at the funeral remark that he was afraid that someone was trying to kill him and later discovers that same woman brutally murdered hours later, she decides to investigate when the entire family gathers again at the reading of the will.

The vast majority of the movie takes place at a hotel in the English countryside and in and around the hotel, where Miss Marple uses the public areas to eavesdrop and discover other such clues that would be useful to the investigation.

If you're willing to check out feature-length TV shows, then also check out ITV's Marple series which has some strong episodes set in hotels.

In The Body In The Library which was also the pilot, Miss Marple ends up getting involved in a murder case when a dead body is dumped in the library of her friend's country manor. Following some investigation to determine her identity, she learns that the victim was a dancing instructor at a seaside hotel, resulting in her staying there to investigate just how in the hell a complete stranger turns up dead several miles away.

In Bertram's Hotel, the entirety of the film takes place at a hotel. When Miss Marple checks into the hotel she becomes embroiled in the investigation when one maid is found murdered on the hotel's roof and another, who has heard of Miss Marple's reputation of helping others, implores her to help. A femme fatale, a nasty inheritance dispute, stolen artwork and a hidden Nazi also complicates things further.


Curry730 t1_jebs6so wrote

Somewhere in Time


Verpous t1_jec2gtt wrote

Hear me out, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ^^^^^I ^^^^^know ^^^^^it's ^^^^^not ^^^^^a ^^^^^movie


JoshuaCalledMe t1_jec6azo wrote

Hotel Artemis is pretty decent.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Barton Fink

1408 is excellent, too.


cinema_fantastique t1_jedm77o wrote

The White Lotus. Each season is like a great 10-hour long indie movie. Completely hotel-centric stories.


Wooow675 t1_jeex0xe wrote

Identity(?) a John Cusack murder motel mystery from the 00’s


Cbomb101 t1_jeagxek wrote

Hotel Mumbai


sgtoca t1_jeanfk3 wrote

OP asked for movie about the running of hotels not running for your life in a hotel but good recommendation


forever87 t1_jeahdtn wrote

possibly 5 to 7 starring berenice marlohe and anton yelchin if you're okay with the >!extramarital affair!< plot


EdTheApe t1_jeaiigt wrote

The Beyond takes place at Hotel Seven Doors. It's an all time favorite of mine.


DolphinPunchShark t1_jeaipd9 wrote

The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Touch. Looks like it takes place all over the place but really a lot of it is at a hotel.


evz-kid t1_jeaolur wrote

British comedy series called Fawlty Towers.


StrLord_Who t1_jeazyh5 wrote

You should watch Gran Hotel the original Spanish one. You'll have to sign up for a Spanish language streaming service like Vix+ (used to be on Netflix) but it's the greatest show ever! It's so many things - mystery, romance, drama. Set near the beginning of the 1900s so it's gorgeous to look at. Premise is that young poor man shows up to a fancy hotel where his sister had been a maid to find out why her letters stopped coming and where she is.


mexican_mystery_meat t1_jebcthp wrote

Check out Grand Hotel, the movie that inspired The Grand Budapest Hotel.


OneGoodRib t1_jebrmhw wrote

If you're interested in how hotels work I would not watch a fictional movie....?

But Eloise lives in a hotel, so anything Eloise - Eloise at the Plaza and Eloise at Christmastime are live action tv movies and then there's an animated tv show.

What's the problem with motels? Motels run the same as low-end hotels.


GtrGbln t1_jec40mm wrote

Club Paradise


RavioliGale t1_jec85kl wrote

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn. Weird af but I loved it. Starring Aubrey Plaza and the actor who plays Derek Philbin in the Office.


LeastCap t1_jecee1d wrote

While I don’t think this season is necessarily good, I thought Season 5 of American Horror Story was pretty interesting. It takes place in a hotel and it’s only like 11 episodes


fergi20020 t1_jecn584 wrote

The Big Kahuna



ZorroMeansFox t1_jeco17j wrote

Here are some films I'll recommend, which I haven't seen mentioned yet:

Death In Venice, Anomalisa, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, The Illusionist (I'm talking about the animated film), The Florida Project, Babe: Pig in the City, Last Year at Marienbad, A Night in Casablanca, Room Service, A Room with a View, and John Huston's atmospheric The Night of the Iguana.


HardSteelRain t1_jed38zs wrote

Plaza Suite,California Suite,American Horror Story:Hotel


OsgoodSchlotter t1_jed4xs6 wrote

Memento (not about hotel operations specifically, but a motel is one of the primary settings)


No Country For Old Men has some interesting motel sequences as well.


apple5masher t1_jed5ndf wrote

The witches. Imo the original is better than the remake


PecanSandoodle t1_jedn8sl wrote

Bad times at the El Royal


hateful eight


IdolL0v3r t1_jee58xf wrote

"Plaza Suite" (1971)


arealhumannotabot t1_jeakeri wrote

Grand Budapest Hotel

Home Alone 2 (for maybe half of it)


Chocoliina t1_jeanj5p wrote

No Country for Old Men and Bad Times at the El Royale come to mind


dragonmp93 t1_jeb4xpm wrote

Bad Times At The El Royale

Hotel Transylvania

The Witches

The Live Action Tom and Jerry movie.

The Lobster.

Hotel for Dogs.

Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Thirteen.


VrinTheTerrible t1_jebg5zu wrote

Hateful Eight, sorta

American Horror Story had a whole season dedicated to a haunted Hotel.


Barnitch t1_jebk4vq wrote

Kind of a stretch, but I’d check out “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio if you haven’t already.


Musicaltheaterthrow t1_jefrvjh wrote

“A beach resort for people who hate beach resorts”


Barnitch t1_jegnfqt wrote

That was my thought too. Also the hotel scenes with Daffy. Not sure why I’d get downvoted for this suggestion.


112oceanave t1_jeanj8x wrote

Smokin aces




Cressbeckler t1_jearidy wrote

Bad Times at the El Royale


cfmonty t1_jebezle wrote

Identity and Room 1408