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Jerrymoviefan3 t1_jeb5vet wrote

95% of The Shining is set at a hotel though though in mostly used fake sets just like your favorite hotel movie did:


OneGoodRib t1_jebrbtv wrote

Wow you're telling me that a movie that was set somewhere used a set to film on???


The_Meemeli t1_jeehorg wrote

Yeah, but it still looks like it takes place mostly in a hotel. The other comment implied that a significant amount of the film looks like it's taking place somewhere else, or there's a trailer or description that makes it seem that way.


Wooow675 t1_jeextyc wrote

He watched the shining trailer where it’s recut to be a family comedy and it’s all the happy outside times from the first 10 mins.

>🎶Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could see the city light … My heart going "Boom-boom-boom"🎶

>#”This summer, don’t miss… Shining”

>🎶”Son", he said “Grab your things, I've come to take you home"🎶