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100percentkneegrow t1_je5thtv wrote

Mark's said he was with his now wife for most when the movie took place. I love TSN but one thing I'm always cynical on is how they frame it around a girl. It just feels so... Hollywood, like trying to make it into a movie.


bob1689321 t1_je66xpi wrote

That annoyed me. They tried to package the whole story as "lonely man does all this but still didn't get the girl" because that's something recognisable to Hollywood but it has no truth to it. The woman in the film doesn't even exist.


lavabears t1_je6k5s7 wrote

Spielberg did the same thing in his own recent biopic. There was never any girl in real life. It’s weird he would write and direct that.


bob1689321 t1_je6mivg wrote

At least his is still a fictional story at the end of the day so it's not as bad. I guess every screenwriter writes the high school they wish they had and not the one they got lol.


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je6xkna wrote

Because following real life stories exactly without dramatization and timeline changes won't sell a film.

Even documentaries do a lot of manipulation.


Op3rat0rr t1_je6aovn wrote

Man that’s pretty cringe. Fantastic movie though


HowIsYourBreathing t1_je5v0i1 wrote

Yeah the framing of the story is dishonest from the beginning. It's a work of fiction that includes some real people and events. The writer even said (on the Wiki article):

>"What is the big deal about accuracy purely for accuracy's sake"


dogsonbubnutt t1_je8cysy wrote

> It just feels so... Hollywood, like trying to make it into a movie.

tbh it feels very sorkin, specifically. like i can picture him typing THE END in his word doc and then shaking his head and going "all that... for a girl"