Submitted by HiImWallaceShawn t3_1242t8y in movies

I personally would love to see a collaboration between Paul Thomas Anderson and DiCaprio. PTA has stated in the past DiCaprio is one of the actors he’d most like to work with that he hasn’t yet. He also has talked about how he almost had him for boogie nights. Also, DiCaprio loves working with established big time directors. I’d love to see it.



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2KYGWI t1_jdxihiy wrote

DiCaprio and/or Adam Driver with David Fincher, Sam Rockwell with Wes Anderson, and Idris Elba with Spike Lee.


BusinessPurge t1_jdxl47g wrote

Vin Diesel and Martin Scorsese. If we’re really getting crazy, a new story in The DepartedVerse


Sad-Top-7979 t1_jdy5esk wrote

Robert Pattinson and Quentin Tarantino or PTA


Puddinhead420 t1_jdxt5x2 wrote

I'd like to see Ron Howard direct a big budget sequel to Ice Cream Man starring Clint Howard


cbbuntz t1_jdy8t6i wrote

Robert De Niro and Tommy Wiseau


[deleted] t1_jdyyfsw wrote

Well you're in luck. Dicaprio is in PTA's next movie, along with Joaquin Phoneix, Regina Hall and Viggo Mortensen


Thatoneasian9600 t1_jdxlhc4 wrote

Denzel Washington and David Fincher

It coulda happened with Se7en, but man I would still love to see them Collab.


AlanMorlock t1_jdyqzwk wrote

Oddly, DiCaprio's father George DiCaprio is in Licorice Pizza as a watered salesman. At one time he was a watered salesman in real life.

It was rumored at one point thst Leo was in talks for Licorice Pizza but Anderson has since denied this.


rgregan t1_jdzwtfh wrote

Walton Goggins and Wes Anderson


No_Banana7768 t1_jdxnmxe wrote

Daniel day lewis/ Johnny Depp-Quentin Tarantino. Willem Dafoe- Paul Thomas Anderson.


[deleted] t1_jdxsc5y wrote

Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood would be interesting


ZorroMeansFox t1_jdxtpe0 wrote

This already happened. Twice. Damon starred in Eastwood's film Invictus and co-starred in his film Hereafter.


moodyfoodie2 t1_jdxt5n3 wrote

Dennis Villaneuve and Tom Hanks


xxStrangerxx t1_jdy3pie wrote

I want to see Tarantino's first choices in place, like Matt Dillon as Butch and Sid Haig as Marsellus and Warren Beatty as Bill and Will Smith as Django. I can sort of understand Dillon not making the effort because Tarantino wasn't Tarantino at the time, and because Tarantino wasn't Tarantino the guy playing agent for Haig never ever bothered him for a role where he'd be, well, you know.

I like to think of the Tarantino films that might have been


WhereIsThatElephant t1_jdyxbfl wrote

Paul W. S. Anderson and the rest of the crew to actually get Event Horizon to fruition.


Volcano_Tequila t1_jdzgw21 wrote

It does not look like he directs anymore, but I would have loved to see director Jerry Zucker (Airplane, Ruthless People, Ghost, Rat Race) direct Melissa McCarthy, who is pretty much wasting her time these days on efforts with her husband. Zucker could bring out the zany funny out of McCarthy I would wager.


gbon13 t1_je0jjyh wrote

This is more of a director-director combo, that’s probably never gonna happen buuut hear me out: a Guillermo del Toro & Tim Burton collab 🙌🏻