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modifiedminotaur t1_jdsupyg wrote

There was a period in the late 80’s when I went at midnight nearly every Saturday night. I’ve seen it over 100 times, but almost all were in the 80’s


Dragonborn83196 t1_jdsvklq wrote

The best experience I’ve had with Rocky Horror Picture Show is seeing a live shadow cast performance at a 21 and over show. It was wild and everyone in the audience was participating with the call outs and singing along. Great movie and entertaining as all get out


Jack_Q_Frost_Jr t1_jdt0zsb wrote

I hope you'll give the follow up a shot too. It's called "Shock Treatment."


Dragonborn83196 t1_jdt2ot2 wrote

You know I’ve been super hesitant to watch that as I’ve heard it’s just bad. But maybe one day I’ll suck it up and just put it on


Jack_Q_Frost_Jr t1_jdt5zeq wrote

Rocky Horror was a huge part of my teenage years. I saw it at the midnight movies dozens of times. Almost every weekend for a few years back in high school. All my fellow Rocky fan friends hated "Shock Treatment", it was always dismissed as being irredeemably awful. I feel their reaction was for a few reasons other than quality. The plot is not related to Rocky Horror's plot at all, the only returning characters are Brad, Janet (both played by different actors) Betty and Ralph. Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, and Little Nell are in it but as different characters. Charles Gray's character may be The Criminologist, but it's never explicitly stated. So, I think Rocky Horror fans felt it was sacrilegious to make a sequel but not follow up on the story, recast Brad and Janet, and not have Tim Curry in it*.

But... if you are able to look past those differences, I think it's a terrific film that's very underrated. The story about reality TV stardom was ahead of its time, the music is just as good as the music in Rocky Horror, and Little Nell has never been hotter.

*From what I've read, they wanted Tim Curry in a sequel and though he did not want to play Frank again, he was willing to return as a different character. >!As Brad Majors, believe it or not. But reportedly at the last minute Curry got cold feet about his ability to do an American accent and dropped out.!<


CptNonsense t1_jdtdnt7 wrote

>Curry got cold feet about his ability to do an American accent and dropped out.

As someone who watched Congo, that was the correct assessment of his ability to do accents

Also, will someone explain to me what the hell the spoiler is in that section?


Jack_Q_Frost_Jr t1_jdtmjdu wrote

I guess it is stupid to tag a spoiler for a movie never made. My bad.


Dragonborn83196 t1_jdt6qs0 wrote

Interesting. I didn’t watch Rocky Horror until I meet my now ex, her dad used watch the midnight premieres back in the day when it first started to develop a cult following. So first we watched the movie together, I loved it, I watched it again like 20 times by myself and learned the callouts. But her dad was one of the few people I know to have seen shock treatment and told me not to bother. But as I said maybe one of these I’ll check it out


CptNonsense t1_jdtdjew wrote

>You know I’ve been super hesitant to watch that as I’ve heard it’s just bad



tedfundy t1_jdwbk41 wrote

Now see it live. Everyone dresses up and knows all the callouts. You bring toilet paper and toss it around. It’s a good time.


Ebolatastic t1_jdyir54 wrote

I showed it to my girl a couple months ago and she was confused/speechless until around the halfway point.


Gary_Vigoda t1_jdtfi2n wrote

It was super popular in the gay club scene in the early 80s as drag show musicals. Truthfully, I don't really see it any different than country line dancing except with more sequins.

The movie itself is pretty not great but the experience is fun. Also if the place allows you to throw toast.


dittybopper_05H t1_jdvb9oo wrote

It's a bad film that would be relegated to the dustbin of bad movies along with Plan 9 from Outer Space and Manos: Hands of Fate if not for the fact that it's got a bunch of really good songs.

The plot is bad, the acting is bad, the jokes are bad, and the film is fairly aimless. If it wasn't for songs like Dammit, Janet, The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite, Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul, and Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me, along with Science Fiction Double Feature, the film would well and truly suck.

And even then, it seems like most of the good songs are in the first half of the film.


I think the only real way to enjoy the film is to get wasted on the intoxicant of your choice, and see it in a theater with audience partici..........




twotailedwolf t1_jdu3fkq wrote

> jiggling on my couch

That means you didn't watch it at midnight with a live cast. So you remain a rocky virgin. That's sad because the movie itself, is actually terrible. Like, its not a good movie by any measure. The plot is nonsensical and the performances, with the exception of Tim Curry, are awful. That's why going at midnight with the live audience is fun. The true experience is being part of the audience call backs and being beyond offensive. Example:

>Upon Doctor Scott's (sex tutor, ex Nazi) entrance into Frank's lab, he rolls down the ramp in his wheelchair. Brad, like the asshole he is, exclaims "Great Scott!" To which the audience would typically reply "No, its just mediocre Scott. If he was great Scott, he'd be walking down that ramp."

It is one hell of a wonderfully queer movie though whether you see it in person or masturbate at home to rocky, which what watching it at home is called. I recommend you see it live and lose your virginity as soon as possible.


drunk_me t1_jdueh8v wrote

I have to thoroughly disagree with you on this one. You just described camp! The movie is intentionally and unapologetically ridiculous. It’s both a parody and a love letter to old B roll genre films. I genuinely love it even outside of the shadow cast screenings. It always makes me sad when people show up to those screenings to make fun of the film rather than enhance the experience of watching something we all love.


BaBaFiCo t1_jduimuh wrote

How's your career as a gatekeeper going?


CptNonsense t1_jdtdhd1 wrote

>"Rocky Horror Picture Show" defies categorization. Part musical, part horror, part comedy

It's a musical horror comedy. Pretty clearly. It's just a bad movie