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Chen_Geller t1_jee679o wrote

I also think that Travis is played a little too crazy in the beginning, rather than gradually lose his mind, going from perfect sanity to madness.

Nevertheless, I think he's much more sympathetic and pitiable than Patrick Bateman, and that's really what makes the film.


TheRuinerJyrm t1_jee8nvv wrote

It's not a case where we're meant to question whether or not Travis is "crazy" from the beginning. The movie shows you what the life of such a desperate person is like.


Chen_Geller t1_jee9f3i wrote

Travis is "on the edge" but I think he only becomes truly crazy as the film unfolds.


Worth-Frosting-2917 t1_jeesoch wrote

I mean he takes a date to a porn theater and doesn’t comprehend why she gets upset or even that it was a porno.

His connection to the world is never really there.