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I could watch these characters for days, just drinking and eating and talking to each other. For all of the bloodshed and anger and vengeance in the Godfather movies, they're so relaxing to me.

Every scene feels just right in length, in tone, in the information is has to provide while still being entertaining. The stakes are always clear, but something unexpected always lurks around the corner. Every performer brings something wonderful and unique to their character that makes them endlessly watchable, even if they're a complete scumbag. Only through careful editing could something seem so carefree and dreamy.

Maybe it also helps that the cinematography is always warm and golden, or that the score sticks in my head for weeks, or that the movies just have a confidence about themselves that few have. "Having fun? We know you are. Stick around. This is the good part."



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MichaelMyers1980 t1_jdvzq4c wrote

I fully agree and years back I bought the special boxset with hours of cut scenes which I also love to watch lol Dialogue scenes are great when done right like in reservoir dogs etc. Do you also like the third movie?


AndyKaufmanSentMe OP t1_jdvzvqx wrote

I love the third movie! In fact, I've been re-watching the first two before a first-time viewing of the Snyder Coppola Cut of III.


cthd33 t1_jdw0dkq wrote

At first, I thought you said the Sofia Coppola Cut.


AndyKaufmanSentMe OP t1_jdw0qpo wrote

I always liked her in III. Best young performance ever? No. Worst? LMAO. Watch more movies.

I'd like a Robert Duvall cut though. Can't get over his absence in III, despite best efforts.


OpticalRadioGaga t1_jdxmxq0 wrote

Ehhhh, I'm a HUGE Godfather fan, while it wasn't the 'WORST,' as an avid moviegoer, I can't think of many performances worse than Sofia's in Godfather III.


Drama_Derp t1_jdwtz5j wrote

AI Deepfakes will one day give us Pre-Evita Madonna in that role.


revconway t1_jdwzv4d wrote

Is that one of the big VHS sets that you’re talking about? I have both the Complete Epic and Trilogy sets with the extended versions and just want to make sure I didn’t miss one.


Madd_Maxx2016 t1_jdyscxf wrote

Coppola officially released his final version of III in 2021 subtitled: Coda the Death of Michael Corleone.


MichaelMyers1980 t1_jdx27sj wrote

I have the dvd boxset which has 4 discs. Used to watch them repeatedly back in the day lol.


revconway t1_jdx2eou wrote

Right, that definitely makes much more sense than dusty old VHS sets. Thanks!


MichaelMyers1980 t1_jdzmtc9 wrote

I did also have the VHS tapes back in the day but replaced them with dvd. I was just watching the cut scenes from part 2 where Michael is giving his blessings for marriage to good couples who come to see him but his sister he refuses as he can see her partner is crooked. Shows Michael is fair and a balanced thinker, these cut scenes really flesh out his character and gives a better context to some scenes in the movie


chrisball96 t1_jdw0az0 wrote

I always thought that the parts of the first film where Michael is in hiding in Italy were so well-shot and beautiful. The contrast to the cramped confines of the city and all of its violence is so well-done, especially as that contrast evaporates in an instant and it all comes crashing down.


Kennymo95 t1_jdw0sr3 wrote

This sounds like something a Sopranos character would say


TheCosmicFailure t1_jdw1fjb wrote

I agree. Though I will say 1 and 3 are more cozy for me. It's hard to watch Michael push everybody away in 2. Though I will say it's relaxing watching Vitos rise to power.


CosmicConjuror2 t1_jdx3i19 wrote

I’ve noticed that the films have a warmer tone when it focuses on Vito, or when Vito is still alive. Whereas when its focusing on Michael the movie starts feeling more cold and unromantic. A perfect reflection of their leadership and themselves.


lovepuppy31 t1_jdx5lid wrote

Godfather is image of what the mob wants you to think who they are.

Goodfellas shows you what the mob on who they really are (loosely based on a real life mob associate Henry Hill and his time in the mob right?)


SwiftGasses t1_jdygsxz wrote

History Buffs did an excellent video on it. And it was FAR more accurate than I would have originally assumed. Highly recommended channel.


notewithoutflaws t1_jdwogej wrote

The scene from the first where Michael kills the two guys before shipping off to Italy will always be one my favourite moments ever in movie history. I also much prefer the time after he returns from Italy and gets involved in the business.

Great movies for sure!


Working-Skill510 t1_jdw1q56 wrote

The music plays such a big part in this, its so beautiful.


night_dude t1_jdxgk1z wrote

The scene where Clemenza teaches Michael how to make spaghetti and meatballs is one of my favourite parts. "Why don't you ever tell that nice girl you love her? Ohh, I love you with all-a my heart, if I don't-a see you again-a soon ima gonna diiieeee "


TJzzz t1_jdwlctc wrote

..started watching them at work, really cool stuffs...glad the company has a vhs for some reason


SwiftGasses t1_jdygd99 wrote

The last full day of my dogs life we sat with her and binged the trilogy. Made a good spaghetti with garlic bread and red wine.

Idk why the tone of Celebration and mourning for the day was punctuated perfectly by those movies. But I recommend it to anyone.

Made an awful day truly something nice and memorable.


twitch_delta_blues t1_jdwxom9 wrote

Yes, and I think it communicates the inherent contradiction within fascist social structures. Everyone wants peace (e.g. family) and prosperity -for themselves- and they’ll kill anyone that gets in the way or is currently in the way of that.


CosmicConjuror2 t1_jdx3lip wrote

I don’t like rewatching movies too often but I watch the GF Trilogy every 2-3 months.


logicalfallacy234 t1_je6as1o wrote

How does Part III compare to the other 2 for you? Really happy to see people really enjoying Part III! Versus pretending it doesn't exist, which even Obama and Vince Gilligan have said that yeah, they pretend Part III never happened.

I really love Part III myself, so.


No-Faithlessness-366 t1_jdx4r2f wrote

The Godfather is one of the most revered movies of all time and its contribution to cinema is remarkable. This movie will make you intrigued by its astounding depiction of the mafia and immerse you into its world from the very start while being impressed by its technical and narrative aspects.


mdavis360 t1_jdxrmts wrote

It’s comfort food for sure. Goodfellas is the same way, funny enough.


Seahearn4 t1_jdxxdl1 wrote

I love the character Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), especially in the first one. I'm guessing he's intentionally made less likeable in Part 2, along with Michael getting the same treatment.

"Oh, that was an accident, Kay. (slightly laughing at the charred car frame) But nobody was hurt."


AndyKaufmanSentMe OP t1_je5v9tn wrote

I'll always love the part where Tom says, "I was as much a son to him as you or Mike." and Sonny, belligerent as he is, still can't argue with him.


unclechaddie t1_jdyr724 wrote

Check out”The Offer” on paramount +


e-rage t1_jdwunoq wrote

It insists upon itself


Orange-Turtle-Power t1_jdyrc7e wrote

Amazing movies. If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend you watch The Offer on paramount plus, which is literally about what it took to get the first movie made. Great series.


TheElbow t1_jdyupg9 wrote

I feel exactly the same. I watched The Godfather as the “Saga” cut on VHS tapes for the first time when I was around age 13. Not only is it amazing cinema, but I also feel like part 1 especially is a comfort movie. I could just watch them over and over.


JMPesce t1_jdxwil3 wrote

I stand by this to this day; The Godfather is the absolute greatest piece of American cinema in history. It isn't debatable; there is no other film as incredible, influential, or widely well received as The Godfather is. The behind the scenes trouble at Paramount while it was being made is also legendary. This film was destined to fail, and against all odds it succeeded. Truly lightning in a bottle; 2 is also great, but it pales in comparison to the original. While some would argue that it has a richer narrative, I would argue that making the movie much more political for 2 alienated some of the audience that truly loved 1, and detracted a bit of the sheen.


MarcusXL t1_jdzf4wt wrote

1 and 2 are one long movie. It's the story of Michael Corleone trading his soul for power. He has his reasons-- very compelling ones. But nonetheless by the end of part 2, he has gone from tragic hero and prodigal son, to antihero, and finally to villain. To make that clear, you need part 2.

It's closer to Shakespeare or Greek Tragedy than the usual gangster flick.


logicalfallacy234 t1_je69yar wrote

I actually think the best way to see Godfather (which is also my vote for greatest American film, over Kane, 2001, and Vertigo) is historical chronicle. If you want a similar movie/film, you could tell the story of the Syrian Civil War from the perspective of a single (preferably rich and powerful) family, or the story of the first 10 years of Vietnam after America left the country.

Even a biopic of like, someone like Lenin or Mao would replicate the feel and scale of The Godfather.


WolvoMS t1_je26s87 wrote

It insists upon itself, Lois.

But really, this movie has been on my radar since I was a kid when I saw the trailer hundreds of times on the Last Crusade VHS tape. But I've always had this block towards it, like I'd rather watch paint dry than watch The Godfather. I even bought the Blu Ray trilogy once and returned it before I opened it. Think I'll go grab it on 4k thanks to this thread. Decades of procrastination dies tonight!


JMPesce t1_je2jqj4 wrote

I am truly jealous that you get to experience this for the first time. I hope you love and enjoy it as much as I do!


logicalfallacy234 t1_je6ak9o wrote

Interesting that you don't like Part 2 as much! Since I think yeah, I guess you respond to the aspect of Godfather that is a pure family epic, rather than a political epic/tragedy. As in, bizarrely enough, it's closer to Forrest Gump than Oliver Stone's Nixon.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_jdwhjdz wrote

Yeah every time I have tried to watch it I fall asleep before 30 minutes in.

I do not understand this movie, why it's so highly regarded, or half the people speaking in it. But... I'm glad you enjoy it and liked your post.


AndyKaufmanSentMe OP t1_jdwhory wrote

>Yeah every time I have tried to watch it I fall asleep before 30 minutes in.

That was me with The Fifth Element ten years ago.

I quote it on a daily basis now.

Give the Corleones another chance some time.


camshell t1_je00d53 wrote

The Godfagher was the highest grossing film of 1972. Audiences found it to be the most entertaining film out of every movie made that year. You might give it another try when you're not so sleepy.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je19kig wrote

I'm well aware of it's status and cultural impact. The only reason I've given it 4-ish tries is because of its clout.

Kind of has the same problem that Sons of Anarchy gives me. None of the characters, despite how well written they may be, are likable. If I can't find at least 1 character to identify or even sympathize with it's hard for me to keep interest. If the entire pool of characters ranges from "rat-bastard" to "evil genius" then I'm not gonna find it so great. I hate seeing bad people succeed, enough of that in real life for me to enjoy it as an unchallenged plot point in a movie/show/book.

With the Godfather trilogy I get that it's super highly regarded. And while I personally have no clue why after several attempts to watch and a lifetime of hearing references, I respect its impact on the entire film industry. Just not my cup of tea.


MarcusXL t1_jdzeyom wrote

Ah yes, because you have a tiny attention-span, this universally-treasured movie must actually suck. You're a genius.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je1ac8r wrote

This is a very hostile way to shove your opinion in my face. I understand that this movie is very highly regarded, but it's just not a flavor I enjoy.

I don't like seeing horrible, bad, evil people get away with doing horrible, bad, evil things. There is enough of that in real life.

Your post has immediately reversed the other posts that made me think about giving it another shot. This smug self-righteous bullshit tells me more than enough about the type of people who like this movie with fervor. I want to be as little like you as possible.


MarcusXL t1_je1bvak wrote

By the way, your original comment doesn't just say you didn't like the movie. You say you don't understand why it's so highly regarded.

How would you even know? Watch the fucking thing.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je1ek7f wrote

Fair, 30 minutes is typically not enough time to get a feel for something, or perhaps I should have said "30 minutes after the title sequence".

I do understand that it IS highly regarded, but I do not understand WHY... Choosing what words mean to support your argument has drawbacks.

I also never said I didn't like the movie, I said I don't understand it. I like the movie just fine. See another thing you're intentionally ignoring is that it's so ingrained in cultural saturation that pieces of it get picked up on here and there.. I'm over 30 years old, people have talked about this movie my whole life. I know who 'Fredo is and what he does...

So even having a somewhat obscured "by proxy" knowledge of this movie, it didn't help. I often wonder if that's more reason why I can't get into it than not, but it's whatever. I don't think people are stupid for liking it, I just don't get their perspective. Maybe give me some of that instead of being a petty bully about it.


MarcusXL t1_je1mp6e wrote

>I also never said I didn't like the movie, I said I don't understand it.

How can you understand a movie if you have only seen 30 minutes of it? It's a piece of art. You cannot say you know all about it by hearing about it second hand.

I didn't watch the movie until I was 30. I "knew" parts of it from references people made, but I had no idea what the movie was about until I actually watched the damned thing. The whole thing. It absolutely deserves its reputation as one of "the best movies ever made." There is no such thing as enjoying a complicated piece of art by proxy. But you'd have no idea why unless you watched it, and part 2 (but not part 3, which sucks).


MarcusXL t1_je1b08l wrote

You didn't even watch the goddamned movie but you still talk shit about it. You're being ignorant. You don't even know what you're dismissing out of hand.

You're entitled to your opinion but that doesn't mean your opinion has any merit.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je1boea wrote

"Every time I try to watch this movie".

Literally the first thing I said.

I've given this movie 4 attempts, set aside a few hours for it, and everything.

Notice how at the end of my post I didn't like... Trash OP for liking the movie?

Be like that, don't be a cunt because somebody doesn't enjoy some of the artwork you like. I think Picasso was a fucking troll, others think he was a genius. I don't want them to fucking die in a hole because I don't get their position/perspective.


MarcusXL t1_je1c6qr wrote

Well the movie doesn't have any aliens or laser-beams, so I suppose it has that working against it. That's often an insurmountable flaw for people who are/act like they are twelve years old.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je1exhp wrote

Ah yes, because having a different style of taste immediately means I am an uncultured manchild.

Are you even capable of respecting anyone other than clones of yourself? You're one of the most self-righteous presumptuous cunts I have made the mistake of arguing with in some time.

Interesting you call other people out as childish when you literally cannot give some sort of "wisdom" without it being smothered in your superiority complex.


MarcusXL t1_je1nwmo wrote

My point is, some kind of movies offer instant gratification. Lasers, space-battles, non-stop action. They are fine for what they are.

Others are a slow burn, they demand close attention, they save their impact for later, once you understand the characters and the world they live in. They engage your intelligence, they challenge your sympathies and make you think about who you are, about morality, loyalty, and difficult choices people have to make. They have things to say about what it means to be human, to be a son, to be a father. It's the difference between forgettable pop-culture schlock and high art that sticks with you forever.

The first kind are childish, because children don't know how to delay gratification. They want the candy NOW, they want the toy NOW. Grown-ups should have learned that delaying gratification results in a better reward, and that the best things in life require some patience.

I don't have a superiority complex. Art is available to anyone who takes a moment to appreciate it. If you decide to miss out on it, it's nobody's fault but yours.


Bumblesquatch_Prime t1_je1r5gy wrote

I just watched The Dig recently and I fuckin loved that movie. Almost no action whatsoever. The slow burn is not a problem for me, sometimes I even prefer it.


SharedPodwAdibisi t1_jdyg377 wrote

I've never made it through the first hour of the first one. It bores me to sleep.


MarcusXL t1_jdzf5bt wrote

Nobody cares.


SharedPodwAdibisi t1_je0hd9r wrote

You do.


logicalfallacy234 t1_je6anvl wrote

What are some of your own favorite films? I very much understand how the pace of Godfather is deeply slow, and I felt the same on my first watch as well.


SharedPodwAdibisi t1_je6dnn7 wrote

Like I like Kubrick films. Ari aster. I loved midsommar. I love full metal jacket and the shining.

A clockwork orange


logicalfallacy234 t1_je6l2mz wrote

Intereeeeeeeeesting, since Kubrick is actually often seen as the slow and ponderous and boring director! Though the three Kubrick films you mentioned are much more "pop entertainment", if you will, than stuff like 2001 or Barry Lyndon.

Ari Aster is excellent though! And a huge Kubrick fan! Eggers is too, I believe.

But yeah, The Godfather is paced a lot more like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment or something like that. It's not a crime film like pop culture makes it out to be. Godfather is quite far away from the modern crime dramas on TV that it helped inspire.


SharedPodwAdibisi t1_je77fdw wrote

I've actually watched and enjoyed 2001. I think I may just not like mobster movies.

I've seen Goodfellas and thought it was fine. I think it's a genre thing.


logicalfallacy234 t1_je7ijfu wrote

I think so too! I mean, what do you think of Pulp Fiction or The Departed or The Town? Or No Country for Old Men or Fargo? Since I think those are much more plot driven movies.


SharedPodwAdibisi t1_je7l60s wrote

I freaking love pulp fiction. And no country and Fargo.
So yes plot driven


logicalfallacy234 t1_je7mi9c wrote

Yup! Funnily enough PF is character driven, but the characters are far more likeable and warmer and personable than the Corleones. Any feelings/thoughts on The Wire, The Sopranos, and Breaking Bad? And Mad Men, even?


Patsx5sb t1_jdz30hc wrote

Ya when I have 11 hours to spare