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MuForceShoelace t1_je9feup wrote

I mean, with it being only mario and sonic movies that you want to watch it sounds like you just have very narrow and specific interests. Extremely good movies like everything everywhere came out, but it really sounds like you have a one note thing for movies and that seems fine if that makes you happy, they will make more sonic movies.


w1n5t0nM1k3y t1_je9hg1q wrote

I tried watching everything everywhere and had to stop halfway through. I guess a lot of people like it since it got a lot of praise, but I just didn't understand the appeal.


ah-screw-it t1_je9fxf7 wrote

I probably should have said what other films I had watched before 2022. Animated movies I find enjoyable and I don’t mind the occasional action movie. It’s not really what genre I’m interested in, it’s more that I’ve just haven’t had a good reason to watch a film because I feel empty (this isn’t a depression thing I swear)


LumpyJones t1_je9h5s1 wrote

That's literally depression you're describing. It's ok if it is, but it does you zero favors to be in denial about it. You have to be able to admit it before you can even start trying to fix it.


Smaggies t1_je9hyu1 wrote

It's either depression or you've just grown out of super-hero/animated/action movies. They're not the deepest of movies so maybe that's the emptiness you're feeling.

Go see Banshees of Inisherin or something. Although, don't see it if you're actually depressed.


QutieLuvsQuails t1_je9ftbd wrote

How old are you? Maybe you should expand your horizons. Keep it PG 13 tho, bc that’s the age range I’m guessing.


ah-screw-it t1_je9g45u wrote

I’m around the 20 year mark and I explained this in another comment. It’s not really about what genre I watch. It’s more like I see movies like I see new McDonald’s burgers. Slightly changed ingredients that don’t really taste good and don’t fill me up.


QutieLuvsQuails t1_je9g6zn wrote


*most of the good ones. Sonic 2 is magic.


AlPastorGalore t1_jea13bo wrote

If you think all movies are just “slightly changed ingredients” of each other then that’s nothing short of ignorance. It just doesn’t seem like movies in general are your thing and idk what you want the movies sub to do with that confession. Cool, good for you?


a_stopped_clock t1_je9gxza wrote

I think you have a very narrow view of what the film industry is if you’re mentioning things like uncharted which was universally agreed on naughty dog poop


Xtrminated-Maverick t1_je9h0sk wrote

Judging by the all the movies you mentioned, maybe gaming is more your speed? All are game/videogame related.

There’s been some fucking awesome films since last april, Maybe film is not your thing? Nothing wrong about it, just something to consider.


Diamond_Champagne t1_je9kel6 wrote

Sounds like a you problem and also a sonic problem.


alexdelarge2021 t1_je9lqy8 wrote

Look at the 1998 AFI top 100 list or read some of the old Siskel & Ebert top 10 lists and watch some of those. There are a lot of great movies that aren’t based on video games.


BanterDTD t1_je9v5qt wrote

Maybe you just don't like movies?


Litigating_Larry t1_jea1xak wrote

Legit OP only movie Ive watched since 2019 is Fury Road haha.

It feels like 8 out of 10 movies in general is a reboot, sequel, or MCU movie. As I didnt even like MCU movies in 2010, i especially dont care for constant releases of the same fight fest super hero movies and their adjacent reboots. Likewise i dont need to see john wick for a fourth time, jurassic park for a millionth time, scream, etc. And there is like a 1/10 chance its actually a good sequel or reboot and 9/10 to be lazy and cheap story telling.

It feels like its safer for studios to reboot and revise old IP even if it means not doing the original source material justice (i.e turning the Hobbit into 3 films, while injecting content that actually just drifts from viewer expectations per their bangout success with creating LotR).

Id say its almost worse for streaming too. Shows that are good dont end, they just become cliched after season after season keeps trying to make plot points move and change too. Everything just feels samey after a point and I kinda just loss interest.

I kind of feel like gaming is in a similar boat these days. So much unfinished or compromised games in general kinda kill my enthusiasm for trying anything new. You already have limited time and money, only to learn even after 1.0 releases and stuff games are just buggy messes lacking content.

Haha all the old stuff that used to interest me just took a dive and now i basically watch youtube or listen to music and podcasts for entertainment. Id probably go to a movie if someone asked but i dont even have a bearing on what has been released in the last few years.


acci0watson t1_jea0wlg wrote

we have opposite tastes but i couldn't agree more. contemporary excellence is just tragic mediocrity —in every aspect of humanity.


Airport-sandwich t1_je9pxzo wrote

Yea I've basically given up on new movies and shows. The writing these days just leaves a lot to be desired.

I'll still check out big event films like Avatar