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CapherArt t1_je6my5r wrote

True writers write what they want to write. We don't write for you.


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jimboknows6916 t1_je6onoy wrote

yeah, noted UNsuccessful filmmaker Wes Anderson should write more catered to you to improve his success


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KingBowserGunner t1_je70l7g wrote

Lol I mean you can dislike his movies all you want but you’re an absolute clown if you think the academy award winning director with his own production company isn’t successful


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KingBowserGunner t1_je7312s wrote

This is embarrassing for you


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KingBowserGunner t1_je75oos wrote

Lol whatever you say. You’ve literally got an entire thread of people laughing in your face at how stupid your post is.


CapherArt t1_je6qi2t wrote

This guy clearly doesn't know I wrote citizen Kane and the dark knight.