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TheCosmicFailure t1_je6qacd wrote

Even though the quirkiness has increased in his films. I don't think the plot has ever been secondary.

If u don't like them then u don't have to watch them.


jubilant-barter t1_je6sa3z wrote

Yea, I also kinda got sick of Anderson's aesthetic. But then I went and watched Grand Budapest Hotel and it was pretty darn good.

So... you know. I keep thinking it's twee and I should age out of liking his movies. I don't actively seek out his films anymore. But every time I watch one so far, they just don't end up being bad.

He's just doing the Tim Burton thing. Got a style and sticking to it.


TheCosmicFailure t1_je6v4z5 wrote

I can understand that.

I just got into watching Wes Anderson films starting with Isle of Dogs and worked my way back. And I enjoy every single one of them. Even The French Dispatch which had some mixed reviews even from Wes Anderson fanbase. But I think it was due to his choice to tell his story. Which was formatted in a way to make you believe you are watching each of the articles within the French Dispatch. Each of the short stories with their own interesting plots, characters, and message.

I agree, in terms of style. Most directors don't want to change up what has worked for them for so many years.