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BakedOnions t1_je6rorj wrote

i wouldn't say that's the case..

there are plenty of movies that you just watch to be told a thought provoking story or to be wowed with excellent visuals

i'm not watching Fast and the Furious for the plot let me tell you that

or like, The unbearable weight of massive talent", i certainly didn't feel like "i" am in the scene with the characters

or things like FRIENDS where i'm clearly not invited


bluerose297 t1_je6saux wrote

Idk I feel like there’s a disconnect between this comment and your first one. What movies are you watching where you are not “ready to be thrust into the scene along with the characters and assume their circumstances as their own”? What exactly are these movies that you’re able to “taste” without “allowing it to land on your tongue”?


BakedOnions t1_je6vcea wrote

From recent viewings, lets take "The Gentlemen", this is a movie where all i had to do was watch and listen... and i would say mostly listen. There was no room in the scene for me, the plot was being dictated, the action was being shown, i was just there to enjoy it.

then take something like "Drive", where I feel i'm required to take on a more active role of getting into the scene with the characters to understand their motivations. If all you're looking for is a car chase flick you might be somewhat disappointed.

Then lets take something like Top Boy vs The Wire. I'm currently re-watching The Wire and compared to Top Boy you can enjoy a great deal of the show without actually watching it and just listen to the dialogue. Top Boy requires you to be a lot more engaged VISUALLY because the long silent sequences and a focus on facial expressions does a much better job of sucking you into that crime world. (Again my opinion).

The French Dispatch, and i would say all of Andersons movies, lose a lot of meaning if you're not also watching them, and while you're watching them you need to also appreciate what it is you're watching as a lot of the set pieces are clearly deliberate.

But if you're not in the mood for this level of attention then a lot of the movie will just run past you