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BakedOnions t1_je6vcea wrote

From recent viewings, lets take "The Gentlemen", this is a movie where all i had to do was watch and listen... and i would say mostly listen. There was no room in the scene for me, the plot was being dictated, the action was being shown, i was just there to enjoy it.

then take something like "Drive", where I feel i'm required to take on a more active role of getting into the scene with the characters to understand their motivations. If all you're looking for is a car chase flick you might be somewhat disappointed.

Then lets take something like Top Boy vs The Wire. I'm currently re-watching The Wire and compared to Top Boy you can enjoy a great deal of the show without actually watching it and just listen to the dialogue. Top Boy requires you to be a lot more engaged VISUALLY because the long silent sequences and a focus on facial expressions does a much better job of sucking you into that crime world. (Again my opinion).

The French Dispatch, and i would say all of Andersons movies, lose a lot of meaning if you're not also watching them, and while you're watching them you need to also appreciate what it is you're watching as a lot of the set pieces are clearly deliberate.

But if you're not in the mood for this level of attention then a lot of the movie will just run past you