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DiddleMe-Elmo t1_je6lsqq wrote

I'm a huge Wes guy. But I struggled to get into The French Dispatch. Ima give it another go in a couple months.


apple-pine t1_je6lucc wrote

the cool thing about movies is that there’s enough different ones out there to satisfy most interests :)


tantrum007 t1_je6lxyr wrote

Never liked them when I was young either.


LCX001 t1_je6m5mp wrote

What is blud waffling about?


CapherArt t1_je6my5r wrote

True writers write what they want to write. We don't write for you.


BakedOnions t1_je6npxv wrote

At this point a Wes Anderson film is a genre, in my opinion.

I like the cinematography, set design and dialogue of his worlds.

I also greatly enjoy the insane amount of cameos

Would you say that "comedy is getting old" because you keep laughing watching all the movies?



CoralPilkington t1_je6nqmy wrote

You care so much about this that you posted it to two different subs....


BakedOnions t1_je6nx9u wrote

I feel like the best way to enjoy the French Dispatch is to be ready to be thrust into scene along with the characters and assume their circumstance as your own.

It's a movie you can taste if only you allow it to land on your tongue


Testone1440 t1_je6o247 wrote

Dude I couldn't agree more. Easily the most overrated director going today. The exact same movie over and over again.

Oh look every frame is centered. Oh look quirky character and set design! What’s this? Boring and strange just for the sake of being strange dialog? Man really stretching his legs with this one huh. Oh hey that actor gave a puzzled look in response to someone saying something! Not like that ever happens in EVERY.SINGLE.MOVIE of his.


pdxscout t1_je6o415 wrote

While I disagree with your pessimistic take, I do agree that Wes needs someone to reign him in. When I look at my favorites of his oeuvre, they're all grounded stories with whimsy added, not whimsical stories overloaded with whimsy. Wes should add his touches to enhance a basic story, not start with over-the-top twee and then overload it until it looks like a comically-oversized (and symmetrical) Sundae.


Dottsterisk t1_je6o5iy wrote

OP’s post is lazy and doesn’t give us much to work with, but, in principle, there’s nothing wrong with starting a discussion about whether a famous artist is coasting or stagnating.

Tim Burton gets called out every time he makes a movie.


SeaFoodComic t1_je6o9b4 wrote

Don’t worry they make plenty marvel movies for people like you.


riegspsych325 t1_je6oka5 wrote

posts like these aren't made by people looking to get someone else's perspective nor made to start a healthy discussion. OP just wants an echo chamber, nothing more. If someone feels that Anderson is just becoming too focused on style over substance, then that's fine. Just come up with a more tactful way of expressing it than just reactionary garble


Lyongirl100894 t1_je6oyvd wrote

The quirkiness you dislike is something your missing. Some people just can’t get it.


auteur555 t1_je6p68b wrote

I love every one of them. Love his style and his sentimentality. Everyone is a delight to watch


cohray2212 t1_je6phzj wrote

That's cool. Tons of directors are similar in that sense. Don't like it? Watch another movie, there are thousands of new movies every year. I'd say over half of all theatrical releases are absolute garbage but I never run out of amazing films to discover.

You're demanding Hood to start making shoes and Nike to get into the milk business. Don't hold your breath.


TheCosmicFailure t1_je6qacd wrote

Even though the quirkiness has increased in his films. I don't think the plot has ever been secondary.

If u don't like them then u don't have to watch them.


PghNH t1_je6qjqs wrote

I've never viewed any of his movies because they look so repellent. I'm not opposed to odd stuff; Lynch is essentially my favorite. Anderson I don't think I can do. Each movie he releases, I consider renting a few of his older and going to it. However, I . . . just . . . can't . . . do it. I need to suck it up and give him a try, though.


omgwtfhax2 t1_je6rb34 wrote

his movies are the epitome of style over substance


BakedOnions t1_je6rorj wrote

i wouldn't say that's the case..

there are plenty of movies that you just watch to be told a thought provoking story or to be wowed with excellent visuals

i'm not watching Fast and the Furious for the plot let me tell you that

or like, The unbearable weight of massive talent", i certainly didn't feel like "i" am in the scene with the characters

or things like FRIENDS where i'm clearly not invited


jubilant-barter t1_je6sa3z wrote

Yea, I also kinda got sick of Anderson's aesthetic. But then I went and watched Grand Budapest Hotel and it was pretty darn good.

So... you know. I keep thinking it's twee and I should age out of liking his movies. I don't actively seek out his films anymore. But every time I watch one so far, they just don't end up being bad.

He's just doing the Tim Burton thing. Got a style and sticking to it.


bluerose297 t1_je6saux wrote

Idk I feel like there’s a disconnect between this comment and your first one. What movies are you watching where you are not “ready to be thrust into the scene along with the characters and assume their circumstances as their own”? What exactly are these movies that you’re able to “taste” without “allowing it to land on your tongue”?


bacon_stripes82 t1_je6t9gv wrote

Are you also going into a supermarket and yell "I won't buy anything here"?


BeginningAppeal8599 t1_je6tw3c wrote

Then don't watch his trailers or films. There are so many other films available for you to watch nowadays.


TheCosmicFailure t1_je6v4z5 wrote

I can understand that.

I just got into watching Wes Anderson films starting with Isle of Dogs and worked my way back. And I enjoy every single one of them. Even The French Dispatch which had some mixed reviews even from Wes Anderson fanbase. But I think it was due to his choice to tell his story. Which was formatted in a way to make you believe you are watching each of the articles within the French Dispatch. Each of the short stories with their own interesting plots, characters, and message.

I agree, in terms of style. Most directors don't want to change up what has worked for them for so many years.


BakedOnions t1_je6vcea wrote

From recent viewings, lets take "The Gentlemen", this is a movie where all i had to do was watch and listen... and i would say mostly listen. There was no room in the scene for me, the plot was being dictated, the action was being shown, i was just there to enjoy it.

then take something like "Drive", where I feel i'm required to take on a more active role of getting into the scene with the characters to understand their motivations. If all you're looking for is a car chase flick you might be somewhat disappointed.

Then lets take something like Top Boy vs The Wire. I'm currently re-watching The Wire and compared to Top Boy you can enjoy a great deal of the show without actually watching it and just listen to the dialogue. Top Boy requires you to be a lot more engaged VISUALLY because the long silent sequences and a focus on facial expressions does a much better job of sucking you into that crime world. (Again my opinion).

The French Dispatch, and i would say all of Andersons movies, lose a lot of meaning if you're not also watching them, and while you're watching them you need to also appreciate what it is you're watching as a lot of the set pieces are clearly deliberate.

But if you're not in the mood for this level of attention then a lot of the movie will just run past you


Busy-Okra-7732 t1_je6vguc wrote



Technicolor_Evil t1_je6vy0q wrote

I share the same attitude about posts like this.

Was there something you wanted to say? Is there an alternative to Wes Anderson films you’d like to recommend? Is there an antidote of some sort?

I feel like you can treat Reddit as a discussion platform or as a diary that everyone can read and I think the latter is how you wind up with boards like this.

No shade toward you, OP, but maybe a question or a springboard for discussion would yield more positive results.


gunter_grass t1_je6wob8 wrote

You get a coupon for a free unicycle if you go watch it.


LEXX911 t1_je6xux2 wrote

I usually stay away from his movies. Just too pretentious trying to be artsy fartsy for my liking. He's right up there with Terrence Malick that I also stay away from. But he does it well with this genre that some people like.


LauraPalmersMom430 t1_je6z9s9 wrote

Must be doing something right to make dweebs this mad lol. Wes Anderson living rent free in OP’s head.


[deleted] OP t1_je7236i wrote

I mean, I've personally found Wes Anderson's shtick a bit one note since Darjeeling Limited. But I wouldn't make a post about it.

If people like his films more power to em. Let Wes make his movies.