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Cmyers1980 t1_iud21ak wrote

Freddy vs Jason


The Devil’s Rejects


Jeepers Creepers


LatkaGravas t1_iue7vlk wrote

> Freddy vs Jason

I still remember seeing the trailer for the first time in a theater, ahead of some movie I don't remember. At the end of it when the title card was shown and the trailer narrator said those words there was quite a reaction from the crowd. It wasn't quite laughing; it was more like a simultaneous laugh of astonishment, holy-fuck-I-have-to-see-this reaction. I think people were genuinely impressed just by the balls of the idea.

I know the movie had script challenges and it has some problems but man is this movie still a blast. I was 31 when it came out, and had grown up on a steady diet of horror and slasher flicks. I literally grew up with Jason and Freddy, so I was all in. I was not disappointed.