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bobby-danger t1_iucx31f wrote

Robert Rodriguez'sFrom Dusk til Dawn Tarantino plays a significant role.


PureLock33 t1_iudpbeh wrote

The guy who gets his face rubbed by Selma Hayek's foot. That significant role?


3971_KTL t1_iudq6yr wrote

Hottest scene in movie history! or at least when I saw it at the age I did it made that so.


Turok1134 t1_iuguib3 wrote

No, the guy who sucks Salma Hayek's toes.


ithinkther41am t1_iudi6x6 wrote

Also Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror.

And if you want to go way back, Golden Girls, as an extra.


mikeweasy t1_iuf4o0m wrote

He is also on Little Nicky as a weird priest guy.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxj8v wrote

Didn’t Tarantino direct the first half of the film?


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudbqgf wrote

Yes. Tarantino directed the first half, Rodriguez the second. But for guild crediting purposes Tarantino has no directing credit on it.

IIRC they each wrote the half they directed too


3971_KTL t1_iudj86p wrote

Wasn't it the grind house double feature that was that way? Planet Terror was Rodriguez and Death Proof was Tarantino?


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudl1eu wrote

It’s both


3971_KTL t1_iudlk1s wrote

Ah... wasn't aware of the Planet Terror portion being both directors.


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudppeo wrote

No I meant that both the grindhouse double feature and from dusk till dawn were directed by both


[deleted] t1_iudr2rs wrote

Tarantino did not direct anything in From Dusk Till Dawn. He wrote the script and Rodriguez directed the film.


3971_KTL t1_iudqfwk wrote

Ah... I read another comment about Planet Terror and confused this one for it. I messed up.