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Ohadi_Nacnud_3 t1_iucxe7x wrote

Neil Breen, the man does it all.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxlpl wrote

That’s a name I am not familiar at all. What has he done?


Ohadi_Nacnud_3 t1_iucxtop wrote

Double Down, Faithful Findings, I Am Here....Now, Twisted Pair.


Citizen_Graves t1_iucyu65 wrote

Don't forget Neil Breen's 5 Film Retrospective, where Architect-turned-filmmaker Neil Breen (a god in his own right) humbly shares his professional movie knowledge, along with how he was able to write, shoot, edit, produce, direct, act, and self-fund five theatrical independent feature films.