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Gaspar Noe’s recent film The Vortex stars italian director Dario Argento, as an old man with Alzheimer’s. I also remember Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Francois Truffaut and Gus van Sant’s film To Die For with a small role with David Cronenberg. I was curious if anyone knew any other films that featured well known directors. I would not consider an appearance by directors who include themselves (Hitchcock, Tarantino).



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bobby-danger t1_iucx31f wrote

Robert Rodriguez'sFrom Dusk til Dawn Tarantino plays a significant role.


PureLock33 t1_iudpbeh wrote

The guy who gets his face rubbed by Selma Hayek's foot. That significant role?


3971_KTL t1_iudq6yr wrote

Hottest scene in movie history! or at least when I saw it at the age I did it made that so.


Turok1134 t1_iuguib3 wrote

No, the guy who sucks Salma Hayek's toes.


ithinkther41am t1_iudi6x6 wrote

Also Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror.

And if you want to go way back, Golden Girls, as an extra.


mikeweasy t1_iuf4o0m wrote

He is also on Little Nicky as a weird priest guy.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxj8v wrote

Didn’t Tarantino direct the first half of the film?


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudbqgf wrote

Yes. Tarantino directed the first half, Rodriguez the second. But for guild crediting purposes Tarantino has no directing credit on it.

IIRC they each wrote the half they directed too


3971_KTL t1_iudj86p wrote

Wasn't it the grind house double feature that was that way? Planet Terror was Rodriguez and Death Proof was Tarantino?


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudl1eu wrote

It’s both


3971_KTL t1_iudlk1s wrote

Ah... wasn't aware of the Planet Terror portion being both directors.


Darth-Poseidon t1_iudppeo wrote

No I meant that both the grindhouse double feature and from dusk till dawn were directed by both


[deleted] t1_iudr2rs wrote

Tarantino did not direct anything in From Dusk Till Dawn. He wrote the script and Rodriguez directed the film.


3971_KTL t1_iudqfwk wrote

Ah... I read another comment about Planet Terror and confused this one for it. I messed up.


blucthulhu t1_iucxw81 wrote

Sydney Pollack - Michael Clayton and Eyes Wide Shut especially.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucy5mc wrote

Of course! Sydney Pollack. Excellent in eyes wide shut.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iud9qqw wrote

Todd Fields, who played Nick Nightingale, also ended up being a director


Ghost_taco t1_iudo63k wrote

Sydney Pollack was one of the most underrated actors ever.


Shh04 t1_iugsgqi wrote

>Sydney Pollack

Also Death Becomes Her.


ELIE41 t1_iucxlak wrote

Martin Scorsese in Quiz Show (1994), his scene with Rob Morrow was pretty good.

Werner Herzog as the main villain in the first Jack Reacher film with Tom Cruise.


Gonzostewie t1_iud4htd wrote

Scorsese has a bit in Taxi Driver too. He liked putting his mom in his movies too.


ELIE41 t1_iudfsvl wrote

Yea, saw his parents in his documentary "Italianamerican". Can see how they shaped Scorsese as a person and a filmmaker.


digitalstorm t1_iudj6qw wrote

While not a movie, Herzog in The Mandalorian first season.....


ELIE41 t1_iudjf0e wrote

Damn, Herzog is appearing in some good stuff as a villain in his later career.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxoaa wrote

Oh that’s a good one. I remember him in that.


ELIE41 t1_iucxr09 wrote

Yea he was good. Sorry, i edited to include herzog in jack reacher.


NovelExpert4218 t1_iufeh6m wrote

>Martin Scorsese in Quiz Show (1994), his scene with Rob Morrow was pretty good.

Not a movie, but he was also great in the WWZ audiobook.


Gummy_yumyum t1_iucy4co wrote

Peter Bogdanovitch had a pretty significant role on the Sopranos. Guillermo del Toro is a main character in the video game Deathstranding.


Shh04 t1_iucy1zd wrote

"You're Next" features indie horror director Ti West.

"Shark Tale" features Martin Scorsese.


evenasashadow t1_iud0lzw wrote

John Huston in Chinatown (1974). He has other acting credits as well, but I think that's probably his most well known.


cheeserips t1_iue8cjz wrote

Also Roman Polanski has a very small role in Chinatown which he was the director


Throwaway_Codex t1_iufkjsw wrote

He was great in one of the first episodes of the '80s "Hitchcock Presents" as a man who plays a game to cut off a guy's fingers.


BatMally t1_iuglzk3 wrote

Based on a W. Somerset Maugm short story. Later remade by Quentin Tarantino in 4 rooms.


Best_Duck9118 t1_iud5ehm wrote

Since nobody has said the obvious I have to point to Erich von Stroheim in Jean Renoir’s The Grand Illusion and Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard.


ch1y9 t1_iud89jn wrote

I was looking for this one


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iudhre8 wrote

I have never seen The Grand Illusion. It’s been on my list for years. Lol. But love Sunset Boulevard. Wasn’t Cecil B Demille in it as well?


Best_Duck9118 t1_iugadx9 wrote

Apparently Demille was in it. I just remember the famous line Gloria Swanson says. You should definitely check out The Grand Illusion. I really like that movie!


LikeCalvinForHobbes t1_iudt0cc wrote

I was gonna say this, but then I saw he actually started his career as an actor and has more acting credits than directing ones, so I don't know if it really counts. Anyway, I really liked him in Five Graves to Cairo too, really good minor Wilder film.


Wiger_King t1_iucxd8m wrote

We should call them “Diractors”


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxh7g wrote

That took me a minute because I thought I misspelled the word. But now I see what you did! Lol


Karmond t1_iud7dja wrote

Richard Attenborough was an actor before he was a director, but when he did Jurassic Park he hadn't done an acting role in film in over 10 years.


fasttrackxf t1_iudwv71 wrote

Attenborough was also in “The Great Escape” with an all-star cast.


Grauzevn8 t1_iucxww9 wrote

Nightbreed has David Croneberg as an actor and was directed by the author Clive Barker.

Werner Herzog has done plenty of acting in others' films and directed quite a lot.


Akira Kurosawa used Scorsese in Dreams


Turok1134 t1_iugukuk wrote

Cronenberg is so good in Nightbreed.

Such a cool role.


[deleted] t1_iud01bh wrote



ahmadinebro t1_iude0r4 wrote

Reiner started out as an actor.


Pszx t1_iudqj1f wrote

Meathead. Also Carl Reiner was an actor/director.


Pszx t1_iudqdm0 wrote

Spike Jonze is in the entire movie Three Kings.


Cold_Orange- t1_iucxr5o wrote

taika waititi - think he directed thor when he was also playing korg. I can't remember if he directed Jo Jo rabbit too, but he played a big role in there.


itsKeltic t1_iudiwfb wrote

He co-directed What We Do in the Shadows (movie not show) and was one of the main characters.


Umbert360 t1_iud050y wrote

Mike Judge has a supporting role in Extract


ahmadinebro t1_iude3bo wrote

And a cameo in Office Space


boisosm t1_iue72sq wrote

He also voiced Kenny unhooded in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.


real_don_quixote t1_iud2o87 wrote

Orson Wells, he directed a few movies he acted in. If I remember correctly he also directed himself on stage some too.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iudaehr wrote

Welles plays either the protagonist or the villain (usually the villain) in all of his completed features except 2 or 3


zoethebitch t1_iud42o0 wrote

"Touch of Evil" is a fantastic movie. He cast himself as a corrupt, alcoholic, fat, murderous police officer.


Quiet_Commander85 t1_iud2q8i wrote

Spielberg had a small role in The Blues Brothers as well as cameos as himself in Austin Powers In Goldmember and Paul.


TastyQuantity1764 t1_iud41kr wrote

Fritz Lang in Contempt

Scorsese in Guilty By Suspicion

Lars Von Trier directed himself and Jorgan Leth in The Five obstructions

Jean Pear Melville cameo in Breathless


BatMally t1_iugm7ef wrote

I hate Lars Von Trier but Five Obstructions is so damn good


aging_genxer t1_iuddect wrote

David Lynch is in the upcoming Spielberg flick, The Fablemans.


Throwaway_Codex t1_iufktht wrote

I suspect it's only one scene. He's playing John Ford whom Spielberg met at some point.


Andarma t1_iucz709 wrote

Rob Reiner


PrimalPaimel t1_iud6hpg wrote

There are a couple of directors cast in Wim Wenders’ “Der amerikanische Freund”

I can only think of Nicholas Ray and Samuel Fuller, but I remember there being more.


paper_zoe t1_iuepxug wrote

Sam Fuller also made an appearance in Pierrot le Fou


In-The-Zone-69 t1_iucyzd1 wrote

The Town directed by Ben Affleck and starring him is a personal favourite of mine


IntraspaceAlien t1_iud6eys wrote

John cassavetes

If directors who star in their own films and not just feature count, Jacques Tati. He did really interesting comedies with lots of visual gags that inspired the character for Mr Bean, and directed what is for me one of the best movies ever made in PlayTime.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iuda4a7 wrote

Wild Strawberries stars Victor Sjostrom, Sweden's most notable director before Bergman

Orson Welles has a number of acting credits in other peoples' movies. I think the oddest one is in Pasolini's short satirical film La Ricotta, where he plays an arrogant American director and his voice is dubbed over completely in Italian (probably as satire of the practice, which was common in Italian movies at the time).


willpj67 t1_iudh0p8 wrote

Scorsese plays Van Gogh in the incredible Kurosawa film, Dreams.


ELIE41 t1_iudj7xg wrote

Thats a good one. Scorsese as Van Gogh and i remember Herzog played the father in that film. Have notbseen Julien for years now, should revisit that.

I would add David Cronenberg in "Nightbreed" by Clive Barker. He played a creepy serial killer with a mask that has buttons for eyes.


Maxi-Minus t1_iudofe7 wrote

Don't know if Richard Attenborough counts, since he did a lot of acting before he started directing, but he recieved an Oscar for best director for Gandhi, but everybody probably knows him best for his role in Jurassic Park as John Hammond.


gldmj5 t1_iudqc45 wrote

In the movie "Sling Blade", Jim Jarmusch is the employee taking Billy Bob Thornton's order at the "french fried potater" place.


tacoplenty t1_iudtjre wrote

Sidney Pollack in 'Eyes Wide Shut.'


2KYGWI t1_iudbsrf wrote

Tim Burton in Singles.


meemboy t1_iudbzjt wrote

David Lynch as FBI Agent Gordon Cole


thatmovieperson t1_iudfg73 wrote

Matilda, directed by and starring Danny Devito.

"There's nothing you can get from a book that you can't get from a television faster!"


Morbo_Funky_Town t1_iudhe1p wrote

"The Visitor" has two. John Huston is one of the stars, and Sam Peckinpah plays a doctor.


Milnoc t1_iudjk7o wrote

Sydney Pollack in Tootsie. He both directed and starred in the movie! He played George Fields, Michael Dorsey's agent. Dustin Hoffman had to convince Pollack to play the part. Pollack wanted Dabney Coleman to play the agent, but recast him instead as the sleazy soap opera director.


3971_KTL t1_iudkhkl wrote

Wernor Herzog has a lot of acting credits. Jack Reacher first came to mind.


jaystats2 t1_iudu9en wrote

Scorsese had two separate appearances in Taxi Driver. He’s in the slow motion sequence early in the film, seated outside of Palantine campaign headquarters. In the second , he’s the taxi passenger who (in graphic detail) describes how he’s going to murder his cheating wife and her lover.


Mr_Tough_Guy t1_iue7uqi wrote

Quentin Tarantino was in Miike Takashi’s Sukiyaki Western Django.

Miike Takashi was in Eli Roth’s Hostel.

And of Course Eli Roth was in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.


rick_blatchman t1_iue9m95 wrote

George A. Romero and Roger Corman both have bit parts Silence of the Lambs.


paper_zoe t1_iueqb9y wrote

Roger Corman also has a cameo in The Godfather Part II


ChrisCinema t1_iuedw7x wrote

John Huston and Peter Bogdanovich in The Other Side of the Wind


1_yard_dash t1_iuei4xm wrote

Tyler Perry is a great actor. Don't care for his directorial work though


Large_Poem_2359 t1_iuel61a wrote

Sydney Pollack had a nice role in episode of The Sopranos

Was only 1 episode but memorable


paper_zoe t1_iuetlyf wrote

Jonathan Demme had a habit of giving roles in his films to other directors:

John Milius is in Crazy Mama

John Waters and John Sayles are both in Something Wild

Roger Corman and George A. Romero are both in The Silence of the Lambs

Roger Corman was also in Philadelphia

Sidney Lumet and Roger Corman were in The Manchurian Candidate

Corman was also in Rachel Getting Married

Theatre director Andre Gregory was in The Master Builder

Jean-Luc Godard also liked to have other directors in his films:

Jean-Pierre Melville and Jacques Rivette are both in A Bout de Souffle

Michel Piccoli and Fritz Lang are both in Les Mepris

Samuel Fuller was in Pierrot le Fou

Raoul Levy was in Two or Three Things I Know About Her

Jean Eustache was in Weekend

Michel Piccoli was in Passion

Leos Carax and Woody Allen were in King Lear


Missing_Username t1_iuexi93 wrote

Plenty of actors are also directors, and have acted in movies not directed by themselves.

Ben Affleck, George Clooney, John Krasinksi ...

Or are you looking for those known primarily for directing that also appeared in a movie?


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iufqmz6 wrote

Yeah. I may not have worded my question the best. But looking g at established directors as actors in movies that are not their own. Obviously Hitchcock, Eastwood and a bunch of others act in their films, but looking at movies that directors have acted. Rob Reiner and Ron Howard were actors before directing so I guess I’m looking at those who are known for directing first but did some acting.


SleeperInTowerPearl t1_iueyt90 wrote

Haven't seen Richard Attenborough yet. Oscar winning director for Ghandi while also turning in a spectacular act as Hammond in Jurassic Park


cyberjazz71 t1_iuf5ian wrote

Not features but included: Peter Jackson as Father Christmas in Hott Fuzz


Chemical-Passage-715 t1_iuf9491 wrote

M. Night Shaylaman or however you spell It.. he always plays cameos in his films and he makes the best movies!


The village

Old. Which was super good and twisted! Highly recommend


bubbib2 t1_iufjfi0 wrote

it’s just “Vortex”. no “The”.


ZorroMeansFox t1_iugwa5p wrote

Here's a famous example:

Visionary Silent Film director Erich von Stroheim in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard.


Ccaves0127 t1_iuhcqcc wrote

Argento doesn't have Alzheimers in that movie. In fact, he's a professor who's writing a book and appears on radio shows. It's his wife who has Alzheimers


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iuhe19r wrote

I haven’t seen it yet. It’s on my watch list but saw he was in it. I made a guess from the description.


SilverstrandForest t1_iuhf4i9 wrote

Julien Donkey-Boy stars Werner Herzog.

Seen his name appear in other answers, dude likes to act in movies now and then I guess🤷🏻‍♀️


ilovelucygal t1_iuhpbjo wrote

Sydney Pollack in Tootsie and Michael Clayton

Martin Scorsese and Barry Levinson in Quiz Show


Mikedef2001 t1_iuk0qa1 wrote

Tarantino has a small role in a Spike Lee film called Girl 6 which is odd considering Spike Lee has always been critical of Tarantino. Peter Berg is also in the film.


be-like-water-2022 t1_iud03m4 wrote


Directed by Warren Beatty

Screenplay by Warren Beatty

Story by Warren Beatty

Produced by Warren Beatty

Starring Warren Beatty

Music by Ennio Morricone


KuroKogarashi t1_iud3cvx wrote

Secret life of Walter Mitty. Stars and directed by Ben stiller


MK-911 t1_iud5ftu wrote

George Lucas has a cameo appearance in Revenge of the Sith alongside his daughter.


Original_Giraffe8039 t1_iud85y2 wrote

Spielberg in Vanilla Sky

Edit: also Peter Jackson in the LOTR movies


Bree7702 t1_iudco90 wrote

Sydney Pollack-Tootsie


evln00 t1_iudho49 wrote

Stephen Chow


MissyBee63 t1_iudj4to wrote

Eastwood I’m too many films too mention.


PureLock33 t1_iuduhj5 wrote

In the movie Hook, George Lucas and Carrie Fischer made a cameo as a couple necking on the bridge when Tink takes Robin Williams to Neverland.

In Mystery Men, Michael Bay shows up in the villain meeting as the leader of the Frat Boys.

In Austin Powers 3, Steven Spielberg shows up as himself in a film shoot with a film type of gag. (Checked his wiki and he cameoed in other films as well, Gremlins 1 & 2, although I've never found him in all my viewings)

Harold Ramis as Egon in the Ghostbusters 1 & 2.

Rob Reiner is the antagonist TV executive in EdTV. I know he shows up in a lot of 90s romcoms. Most he directed himself.

My recall for this trivia seems to be more 90s. lol


Purrs0na t1_iudyiy6 wrote

Tarantino plays in his own movie reservoir dogs even tho it’s only like a minute lol


BlazingCondor t1_iuesvgm wrote

Bill Paxton stars and directed Frailty.


Pingasboybitch t1_iug7bo6 wrote

Rocky 2, 3, 4 and 6 directed and starring Sylvester Stallone

Some movies by Tarantino, with Tarantino


Ohadi_Nacnud_3 t1_iucxe7x wrote

Neil Breen, the man does it all.


mywordswillgowithyou OP t1_iucxlpl wrote

That’s a name I am not familiar at all. What has he done?


Ohadi_Nacnud_3 t1_iucxtop wrote

Double Down, Faithful Findings, I Am Here....Now, Twisted Pair.


Citizen_Graves t1_iucyu65 wrote

Don't forget Neil Breen's 5 Film Retrospective, where Architect-turned-filmmaker Neil Breen (a god in his own right) humbly shares his professional movie knowledge, along with how he was able to write, shoot, edit, produce, direct, act, and self-fund five theatrical independent feature films.


SenorBigbelly t1_iucyn7d wrote

Directors in their own films - lots, but off the top of my head, Tarantino always wants a cameo (guy who says the n word a lot in pulp fiction; Australian in Django Unchained), and Peter Jackson as various miscellaneous characters in his LotR/Hobbit films (man in Bree with carrot in Fellowship; soldier at Helm's Deep in Two Towers; dwarf running away in Hobbit 1). Martin Scorsese has a significant scene in Taxi Driver. Clint Eastwood in Taxi Driver. Orson Welles in Citizen Kane.

Directors in other people's films: again, Tarantino in From Dusk Till Dawn and Peter Jackson as a knife-wielding Santa Claus in Hot Fuzz. Edgar Wright appears as a zombie in Land of the Dead. Martin Scorsese voices a shark in Shark Tale.


shanghairolls99 t1_iucyyj7 wrote

Vincent Gallo made Chloe Sevigny give him a real bj on the brown bunny.


CommodoreKrusty t1_iud1arm wrote

You could search any director on IMDB and see if they have any acting credits.


Toihva t1_iud1mi2 wrote

Clint Eastwood - Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Bridges of Madison County, Unforgiven, Pale Rider. Lot more than that.


riddimting t1_iudyxc1 wrote

"One Eyed Jacks"....Marlon Brando starred in and was his one and only directorial role. According to the internet he was quite the handful.

"Stanley Kubrick—for unknown reasons—stepped down from directing the film just two weeks before starting production. Brando volunteered to direct in his stead."


cheap-thrills2022 t1_iue0jjc wrote

An American Friend has a couple of directors.

Guilty by Suspicion and Quiz Show have Scorsese.

The Fabelmans has David Lynch.


DuffmanStillRocks t1_iue3d5d wrote

Little different but The Gift is a phenomenal film that Joel Edgerton directs and stars in opposite Jason Bateman


thespianomaly t1_iuf7ov3 wrote

Kenneth Branagh acts in a lot of his own movies, but he also brilliantly played Gilderoy Lockhart.


OrsonWellesghost t1_iuf8mdn wrote

The 1982 Polish movie Interrogation has film director Agnieszka Holland playing a political prisoner.


khaldroghoe t1_iugysyb wrote

An animated movie, but Martin Scorsese as Sikes (the boss) in Shark Tale, never fails to crack me up.