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ofimmsl t1_iuj3a0s wrote

I'm so sick of videogame adaptations


iwasherenotyou t1_iujodnl wrote

Ryan Gosling is a great actor but I still have my doubts. I'm pretty sure he can get into the shape required to play a bean, but can he get the "woo woos" right?


rgumai t1_iuk0t09 wrote

If they basically remade Running Man in Fall Guys fashion I'd be on board. No cutesy Ninja Warrior / Takeshis Castle, just straight morbidness with their creepy skeletal systems.


KlutchAtStraws t1_iuji83c wrote

It's an adaptation of the old tv show with Lee Majors as a stuntman/bounty hunter.


Magnacor8 t1_iujxwgw wrote

No it's actually an adaption of Epic Game's "Fall Guys" which is the story of how I broke my TV because some fucking zoomer grabbed me and caused me to die to pink slime