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NoPossibility t1_iujga4n wrote

I really enjoyed Ke Huy Quan as the father. He was a delight every time he was on screen, especially when he was having to essentially play multiple characters back to back. “Ow! What happened to my hand?”


Mentoman72 t1_iujxyx0 wrote

The whole cast is excellent. When Jamie Lee Curtis is the 4th or 5th best part of your movie you know you have a good movie.


KingOfAwesometonia t1_iuk6yhg wrote

I definitely had the same thought watching it. Everyone in it is just at their A game and it's so engaging to watch.

Michelle Yeoh can deliver sincerity with a taxidermy raccoon. Ke Huy Quan can seriously deliver Third Eye Blind lyrics. And Hsu can be menacing talking about a bagel.

Edit: I have been corrected, it's Nine Days not Third Eye Blind