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SeanOuttaCompton t1_iuixufa wrote

Good for her but man I hope this isn’t another Gray Man for Gosling


remembervideostores t1_iuiyb5v wrote

Fall Guy, Nice Guy, Gray Man, First Man


zunyata t1_iuizet7 wrote

It's that guy from the guyman movies


astromech_dj t1_iujs624 wrote

I’m really struggling to understand the overarching story in this series.


Ergotnometry t1_iuj51ib wrote

His last movie will be Man Fall. It's about valuing the subtle flavor of pumpkin over the spice blend "pumpkin spice".


Ru4pigsizedelephants t1_iujx8k4 wrote

It wasn't a great movie, but it was at least mindlessly entertaining. I didn't hate it.


Artparkgallery t1_iukaceu wrote

Gosling has an overall amazing filmography, its not all just Gray Man. Its also La La Land, Drive or Blade Runner 2049. So theres really no reason to be too afraid.


fruitporridge t1_iuj30bh wrote

Shes good in marvelous mrs meisel


EduardoTaquitoHands t1_iuj4tdu wrote

And whenever she is in Nora From Queens!


El_Superbeasto76 t1_iujyh6m wrote

Comedy Central did that show no favors with the ads for it. It has way more heart than the commercials would make you think.


KingOfAwesometonia t1_iuk6ab1 wrote

It is perhaps the most Awkwafina as Awkwafina so that's a lot for a lot of people but yeah it has some really nice moments.


KingOfAwesometonia t1_iuk63su wrote

Every time I see her, in my head I think "it me Shu Shu." Every. Time.

Loved the bit where she plays present day Shu Shu.


BangerBeanzandMash t1_iujlfzh wrote

She’s terrible in MMM… like cringe style.. she was good in EEAAO though.


Oh_hi_doggi3 t1_iuj8gkz wrote

loved her in Be More Chill. She was very nice when I met her after the show and she (along with the entire cast) made sure everyone got their autograph and photo.

Super sweet person and I only wish her the best.


ofimmsl t1_iuj3a0s wrote

I'm so sick of videogame adaptations


iwasherenotyou t1_iujodnl wrote

Ryan Gosling is a great actor but I still have my doubts. I'm pretty sure he can get into the shape required to play a bean, but can he get the "woo woos" right?


rgumai t1_iuk0t09 wrote

If they basically remade Running Man in Fall Guys fashion I'd be on board. No cutesy Ninja Warrior / Takeshis Castle, just straight morbidness with their creepy skeletal systems.


KlutchAtStraws t1_iuji83c wrote

It's an adaptation of the old tv show with Lee Majors as a stuntman/bounty hunter.


Magnacor8 t1_iujxwgw wrote

No it's actually an adaption of Epic Game's "Fall Guys" which is the story of how I broke my TV because some fucking zoomer grabbed me and caused me to die to pink slime


VirtualPen204 t1_iujnv67 wrote

I feel like people forget that Stephanie Hsu was (and still is) in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_iuj1mcw wrote

David Leitch is directing:

>Gosling, Emily Blunt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are already on the call sheet for the action piece, which is being helmed by Bullet Train director David Leitch.

>In a switch from the original 1980s show that starred Lee Majors, the story doesn’t focus on a stuntman with a side hustle as a bounty hunter. Instead, the script by Drew Pearce focuses on a battered and past-his-prime stuntman, being played by Gosling, who finds himself back on a movie with the star for whom he doubled long ago and who replaced him. The wrinkle, however, is that the star has gone missing.


lucia-pacciola t1_iuj9l77 wrote

> the story doesn’t focus on a stuntman with a side hustle as a bounty hunter

Jesus fuck this is a shitty timeline.


rgumai t1_iuk1bxt wrote

I can already hear the soundtrack... Reaaaaalll huuuummmaaan beeeeiiinnnngggg.


samalamadewgong t1_iujai8z wrote

"What up? It me, Shu Shu"


arrogant_ambassador t1_iujcpy1 wrote

She’s the standout performance in Everything.


NoPossibility t1_iujga4n wrote

I really enjoyed Ke Huy Quan as the father. He was a delight every time he was on screen, especially when he was having to essentially play multiple characters back to back. “Ow! What happened to my hand?”


Mentoman72 t1_iujxyx0 wrote

The whole cast is excellent. When Jamie Lee Curtis is the 4th or 5th best part of your movie you know you have a good movie.


KingOfAwesometonia t1_iuk6yhg wrote

I definitely had the same thought watching it. Everyone in it is just at their A game and it's so engaging to watch.

Michelle Yeoh can deliver sincerity with a taxidermy raccoon. Ke Huy Quan can seriously deliver Third Eye Blind lyrics. And Hsu can be menacing talking about a bagel.

Edit: I have been corrected, it's Nine Days not Third Eye Blind


GamingTatertot t1_iuj9fsb wrote

Be More Chill has been my favorite musical for 6 years, so I'm happy to see Stephanie Hsu achieving so much success.

I bet she really loves play (film) rehearsal now!


puffybunion t1_iujk7uv wrote

Breakout?? She stole the show in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel... Definitely had her reputation precede her already.


ronearc t1_iujl8xk wrote

The Fall Guy is the perfect premise for an action show. I'm surprised it hasn't already been rebooted.


darrylthedudeWayne t1_iuk88lw wrote

Great that she is getting more roles, especially now we will have a answer to the live long question of who would win inna fight between Sebastan from La La Land or Jobu from EEAAO, but I hope this ain't another Gray Man situation.


rainer_d t1_iuka0ud wrote

Is it related to Lee Major‘s Fall Guy?