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stuffedmutt t1_iuam0i7 wrote

Fuckin' Australia. The land where everything can kill you. Even the octopuses there have venom!


orangutanoz t1_iuaojts wrote

Yeah but noticeably absent gun violence and homelessness.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuay330 wrote

Umm, doesn't Australia actually have more homelessness than the US?


orangutanoz t1_iub4nqp wrote

It’s different than the US. You don’t see huge homeless encampments. Well at least not around Melbourne anyway. There are however similar rates of what are considered homeless as In people with no fixed address. Having lived in the Bay Area and here I can tell you that our vulnerable people are far better looked after.


JonasNinetyNine t1_iuczhtc wrote

I mean yeah, you can't do much worse than the US. I was surprised about the numbers as well