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MarianaFrusciante t1_iuc9ox9 wrote

That's the main reason why I would never go to Australia. I would just die of a heart attack on the comfort of my bathroom


OneHumanPeOple t1_iucb5kf wrote

I have visited and it’s very beautiful and I felt safe. I took a photograph of a bull ant that I cherish to this day. It was the most dangerous thing i got up close to besides dead spiders in the souvenir shop.


NeoSniper t1_iudktom wrote

How dangerous are dead spiders in australia?


OneHumanPeOple t1_iudrfwr wrote

Not dangerous at all, but you could buy red-backed spiders at this one gift shop as well as cane toad purses and kangaroo scrotum coin pouches. It was pretty neat.