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nevereatpears OP t1_iufl4fq wrote

I'd argue that it's a pretty obscure movie, forgotten in the wealth of Scorsese's back catalogue. I don't know a single person who has seen it and never see any discussions about it or reference to it in movie discourse.


ImportantPainting t1_iufsi5x wrote

I see it discussed pretty often in various film circles and it has 146k views on Letterboxd, especially compared to movies of the same niche like Miracle Mile. Besides I don't think a film by Martin Scorsese, who's one of the most popular and acclaimed directors of all time, can ever be considered "obscure".


atopix t1_iufmk2f wrote

Well, Scorsese has made a ton of movies, include some big commercial hits with critical acclaim and which left a dent in the culture. You check the Scorsese's popularity rank in Letterboxd and After Hours is 14th, ahead of movies like Cape Fear and Mean Streets (both of which were parodied and referenced in pop culture), The Age Of Innocence and The Last Temptation of Christ (both of which garnered a lot of critical acclaim and nominations/awards).

You check how many "fans" it has and it has 2k, well above the 700 Hugo has, which was a far bigger movie, aimed at the general public and with a big marketing machinery behind it.

Like I said, After Hours is obviously not a movie meant for mass appeal and most people in the general public will not have heard of it, but that hardly means it's truly obscure. Not being popular doesn't mean it's obscure it just means it's not popular.


nevereatpears OP t1_iufps2s wrote

It's an obscure movie from the 80s


AshgarPN t1_iug3rbo wrote

I watched it a shitload in the ‘80s. Pretty sure HBO played it once a week for a few months. Not Scorsese’s highest profile film but definitely not “obscure”.


atopix t1_iufq6r1 wrote

I'd say it's a weird movie from the 80s. Projecting your own perception of how you think it's seen based on the fact that you personally don't know anyone who has brought it up, is pretty meaningless.