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For me, its Wall Street 1987. I love the entire movie, its a masterpiece but there's only one scene that get me to see it so much.

Not really a spoiler, the hospital scene with Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen. The emotional connection between the two, the acting, the context. Its just great, i've never been so much invested in a scene in my life than this one

Bud who caused his father heart attack in a sense, he feel so guilty for disappointing his father because of his actions and lack or morals throughout the movie and still Carl feel proud of him

I think everybody who has a strong bond with their father, like myself, relate to that scene. I'm not ashamed to say i cried watching it the first time and feel very emotional every time i see it

What's yours?



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TruthFlavor t1_iu89pf0 wrote

Odd coincidence , last night on TV I surfed into 'Hot Shots : Part Deux' , a movie I have never seen...and saw a sequence where Martin and Charlie Sheen are on separate 'Apocalypse Now' style patrol boats , as they pass each other they both said ' Loved you in Wall Street'..


SavingsService2138 OP t1_iu8capz wrote

Yeah i remember that one too. Wonder the real relationship between the two


StevieTV t1_iu8ppex wrote

Martin Sheen is Charlie Sheen's real life dad and he is also his Dad in Wall Street.


csaknorrisz t1_iu8wyme wrote

He said that he supported Charlie’s recovery and they do have a good connection

He did have a problem with alcohol as well, that is why Emilio Estevez didn’t went with Sheen as stage name


RtdFgtAU t1_iu8ag4d wrote

Heat, the shootout scene. Or Sicario's shootout. Both excellent movies.


Uzzer_lozer19 t1_iu8bk2v wrote

Tron legacy, the opening sequence.

John Wick, the sauna / nightclub scene.

The Thing, the blood test scene.


AdvancedDay7854 t1_iu8oany wrote

Glenn Garry Glen Ross. -Message of mercy speech by Alec Baldwin.


csaknorrisz t1_iu8x2wa wrote

“You wanna know my name? Fuck you, that’s my name!”


havock77 t1_iu8a9i9 wrote

The whole time!

The whole time!


I have to go,

I need to leave now!


okami31 t1_iu8dxms wrote

Mrs. Doubtfire? Just rewatched it this week.


aXtoryteller t1_iu8bbnu wrote

The Batman's shootout, Batmobile's appearance and chase. Amazing way to show how something in the dark can be more frightening than the shootout they were having and everyone stops because it's coming for them.


Mormegil1971 t1_iu8bcn1 wrote

Gandalf fighting the Balrog on the bridge.


Many-Outside-7594 t1_iu8jzqh wrote

The opening scene of Schindler's List, when he goes to the restaurant.

He starts out just as this man alone at a table, unknown to all, and by the end of the night he is the center of attention and everyone is eating out of the palm of his hand.

It is a masterful little scene, how he manipulates everything just right.


Herne8 t1_iu8arrb wrote

Doom. FPS sequence at the end. The rest of the movie is total garbage.


Dumb_Blood t1_iu8dobs wrote

Final shootout in Den Of Thieves - from the traffic jam onwards. The opening robbery also good. Rest of movie is pretty meh though


ZorroMeansFox t1_iu8hmsn wrote

I think that's the most inept scene in the whole movie; which, otherwise, I dig.


MasterTeacher123 t1_iu8etw0 wrote

I just go back to the dark knight for the joker scenes tbh. I watch them on YouTube


GoldStarGranny t1_iu8m1mf wrote

Near Dark, the bar scene.

“There’s a fly on the ceiling.”


fruitporridge t1_iu8oj7x wrote

Doubt- viola davis 7 minutes scene with Meryl Streep. I watch this on YouTube


wilsonw t1_iu8rdba wrote

Captain America: Civil War. The airport runway fight.


PropJoe421 t1_iu8sbix wrote

Philip Seymour Hoffman scene in Hard Eight


HardSteelRain t1_iu8wue2 wrote

Desperado..the whole movie is great, but I often watch Steve Buschemi and Cheech Marin's opening scene in the bar on YouTube


kleptophobiac t1_iu96kwl wrote

I love Ex Machina, and I have watched it four or five times, but these days I just load it up in order to watch the scene in the hallway when Ava rises against. Everything about that scene is just perfection, especially the way the music is used.


SkipLarouche t1_iu9qthn wrote

The Fisher King scene in Grand Central Station. When Robin Williams sees the woman he’s longing for, his imagination takes over, turning the noise of the New York train station into music and all of the commuters begin to waltz. Once she’s out of view the real world comes rushing back and his story continues


MurkDiesel t1_iu9r88g wrote

the thread title is one question, but then your post is another

as far as movies that really got me emotional, when i watched Everest and dude wouldn't leave his friend behind and all the rest after had me leaking real good

as far as movies i watch for one scene, the beginning of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and the end of Seven


edub1783 t1_iua0a40 wrote

The swimming scene from Gattaca


evilg1776 t1_iua6o9r wrote

C’mon. The Diner scene from “Heat” with Pacino and De Nero. “Never get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds if you spot the Heat coming around the corner.” “That’s pretty vacant. What’re you? A monk?”


bikalpa t1_iuc5svg wrote

Kgf chapter 1, last scene when he beheads Garuda and the walk up the stairs. Gets me every time.


PvtHudson093 t1_iu8clk4 wrote

Contact when Elle and her Dad are talking on a beach at the centre of the galaxy.


Young_Old_Grandma t1_iu8g2ua wrote

Bad moms. The scen where they go ape shit crazy in the supermarket. Makes me laugh everytime.


fruitporridge t1_iu8oeh9 wrote

Call me by your name

I only watch the kissing/aex scenes with armie and timothee. Lol so HOT