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CromulentPoint t1_iu5lb5h wrote

Well maybe I’m on an island here, but I really enjoy that movie. It may be the best example of an unreliable narrator in film and that aspect really elevates it beyond the sum of its plot/acting parts.


The_Lone_Apple t1_iu5k4bv wrote

I'll put this under a spoiler bar to be nice to other people. >!In the end, the viewer got taken too. We don't even know what's true or not. The big reveal is us being screwed with as well.!<


Emergency_Speaker_46 t1_iu5rya2 wrote

Exactly. I was always a huge fan of it growing up. But the more I think about it, the less and less I like it. We know everyone ended up on that ship but absolutely no idea why.


orwll t1_iu5yjvt wrote

Yeah it's kind of a cheap gimmick if you think about it for more than 30 seconds.


chillseshh t1_iu5kfab wrote

Sometimes the problem with plot twists is that they aren't that impressive when you're specifically looking for them in every scene. In my honest opinion ofc


TheClayroo t1_iu5mwyx wrote

> It seems flawed to me, as a viewer, like the editing, acting, or possible story is off.

I don't know why it's bad, I can't even pick what element makes it "off", but it's overrated despite critics loving it while actually saying why it's good.

I mean, we're all entitled to opinions but I don't even know if there's one here. Just a cliche term for movies; "overrated" and not only no explanation but you don't even know where to begin criticizing it.


sadmep t1_iu5poaa wrote

This take would be hot in the 90s. General consensus lately agrees with you.


zedextol t1_iu5vuzx wrote

Say what you will about TUS, but pederast Bryan Singer can fuck right off. The fact that he’s still directing films is a reflection of just how morally bankrupt Hollywood remains.


Gentle_Giant_Max t1_iu5yzft wrote

I think it’s a fine movie without the twist, and the twist makes it into a good-to-great movie


shirk-work t1_iu5k44r wrote

It's an easy movie to meme. The meme is always more mythical than the source material.


Technical-Prompt4432 t1_iu64tci wrote

I generally agree. I saw this in the theater and my opinion was the same then as it was now. It's a neat ending, but it essentially makes everything you watched for the preceding 2 hours totally irrelevant.

A movie with a great twist ending like the Sixth Sense makes you reevaluate everything you've seen before and view it in a different light. Whereas the Usual Suspects twist ending just says "psych!".

I do think the reveal is cool, though, and the scene of the guys in the criminal lineup is hilarious.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iu5k42n wrote

Yes, you're right about everything, there is nothing notable about it besides the famous twist, and the twist unravels on rewatch (it's literally not foreshadowed or set up in any way, the movie makes you think it is by cutting to stuff you never saw at the end).


MyDrugAddictedSon t1_iu5ljwy wrote

Couldn't agree more. This movie sucks honestly. The big reveal wasn't alluded to whatsoever. Not a great script.