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SpankAPlankton OP t1_iu7k7it wrote

Filmmakers, yes. Absolutely. But when I bring these movies up to average joes, most haven't watched them or have only seen one. Or they'll say they've seen one, but can't remember which one it was. This happens even with older people.


jeremy-o t1_iu7kfpu wrote

It's because they have cultural cache.


jakefromjake t1_iu7tdxp wrote

Well no shit. Why would most people want to watch some old ass black and white movie with rubber masks? Add on shitty dialogue where women are objects and subtract any diversity.


PawgWarrior t1_iu7xlcv wrote

Lol how dismissive and close minded. Go watch some recent half baked horror diversity quota characters lecture the audience directly with their social justice holier-than-thou messages if you makes your feel better, cupcake