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onebadmex66 t1_iu7kbj8 wrote

I suppose it depends on your age and/or your desire to see the origins of modern horror films.

I am 56 and I have watched them all as well as the Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters films. These are movies I grew up watching (on KCOP 13 and KTLA 5 out of Los Angeles) and knew them by heart by the time I was 7 or 8.

Even though many folks born in the 80s may not know the originals, lots of films show snippets of these famous monsters so they are exposed on a superficial level.

Hell, even my my nieces and nephews (in their mid 20s) know them because I would force them to watch them with me during holidays. Nothing better than a Universal Monster Marathon on Halloween.


SpankAPlankton OP t1_iu7lj0x wrote

>Nothing better than a Universal Monster Marathon on Halloween.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I guess I'm an outlier when it comes to fans of these films, because I'm around your nieces' and nephews' ages. I don't just know them, I enjoy them.